The ‘3 Second’ Tool That Shocked The Entire Internet Community…

Services for Real Estate Pros with i-content-robot

NO More Google Adword Spending Spree, NO More Idiotic SEO Complexity, NO More Content Writing And NO More ‘Sleepless’ Nights Thinking… There Is STILL So Much Work to DO!

The Year 2015 … A Sophisticated iRobot Brings You A Flood Of FREE Traffic You Just Can’t Handle Even When You Turn Your Website OFF … Programmed To Up-Hold Google Adwords, SEO Tactics, Content Writing, Blogging, List Building & Any Web 2.0 Strategies!!!

If you are ‘experienced’ in copy and paste then this year WILL be your year of success IF YOU have an iRobot to do all the dirty work…

WARNING: Only 500 Positions Available At The Low Price

This is NOT the next revolution in more Google Adword ‘clear-cut’ spending, the next bandwagon of mastering SEO at the ’superior’ master level or the siphon way to writing everlasting, stickable content or even the most important … to waste your precious time that is never to return. NO!!!

I will eliminate the DOG WORK for you once and for all…

I don’t have a magic wand or 1,000 employees like the BIG fortune 500 companies do. I don’t sit behind a desk for 18+ hours and I don’t have a fix time to work, so no 9 - 5 either. However what I can do is … bring ‘GLOBAL’ cash paying customers in shipping container loads to my websites without paying for any advertising of any form to get their attention.

I ONLY need and have ONE employee who I don’t even have on payroll … I let him do ALL the hard work. I’m only interested in customers that are breaking my door down to pay for my product or service. My employee gets it ALL done without breaking a sweat.

The best part … Google, Yahoo, MSN, Dogpile, Ask, Go, Technorati, StumbleUpon to name a few are even waiting for me to turn my websites back on to send more visitors. Ocassionally I get tired of so much traffic I have to turn my websites off! Crazy? I know!!!

Lately someone in my marketing circle ‘leaked’ out information about my employee and now the gurus and multi-corporation are begging me to share him. But it hasn’t happened until today…

So let me recap what’s been happening … since October 2007 I have been bombarded by every person on the internet, not just for internet marketing but also for every other possible niche, skilled from newbies, intermediates, advanced, gurus to multi-national companies.

How do you get free traffic?


I don’t want to pay for traffic anymore, what should I do?

Also in that time I didn’t give Google a single hard earned red cent … not a single penny to crank their multi-million dollar Adword system. I also STOPPED spending hours writing content to feed Google, Yahoo, MSN or even the article sites, blogging sites, social bookmarking and networking sites. I spend less than 3 seconds, which also means I wasn’t playing any SEO games or trying to manipulate any of the search engines in any way.

So the question still remained at the tip of everyone’s tongue… ‘Latif, how do you do it so quick, without paying for it?’

But first let me admit, it wasn’t usually common to get bombarded as I was working quietly underground making a killing for myself MOSTLY on automate using nothing but FREE traffic. I don’t pay for a single visitor, they all come free AND from every corner of the web. So I should have STAYED underground and out of the limelight! What an ‘IDIOT’ I was to come out…

I’ll be frank as initially everybody doubted my skills and some even turned a blind eye, simply because if you are NOT in the internet marketing circle then YOU are NOBODY! You know what I’m talking about?! But I laughed in their face and launched Google Snatch, the FREE click formula… the result?

I became a household name overnight!!!

That’s right … everybody wanted to know a ‘nobody’, me, who instanly became an overnight success. People started relating themselves to me and I could feel and understand where they were coming from as I’ve BEEN in their shoes.

I didn’t get dis-hearted to what everybody thought about me before being a success, especially the gurus who simply sniggered away with their remarks ‘yeah dude… whatever!’

Thanks For Your Help Guys!!!

At the time I could only turn away, not with my head down but held high thinking ‘watch me kick your ass’ and I DID exactly that. I came out with my first ever internet marketing product called Google Snatch which became a ‘runaway’ success!!!

I got emails from gurus not saying they were sorry but instead saying ‘nice work dude.’ You ain’t going to get a direct apology that’s for sure. Some emailed and said they were watching my rankings not only on Clickbank but also on Google, Yahoo, MSN, Alexa, YouTube, Squidoo, Digg, Blogger, Technorati, StumbleUpon, Propeller, Google Videos, eZine Articles, Go Articles … you name it. Another piece of indirect apology.

The point… everybody wanted a piece of me but not only that…

Everybody Wanted To Know MORE About My FREE Traffic System As It Ran Practically On Automate!

Here’s mainly why… before October 2007 NOBODY knew of me. I put together my ‘personal’ blueprint for the world to see how easy it IS to make money online without spending a dime on advertising. Within 3 days I had over 2,600,000 million pages mentioning my Google Snatch on Google… ONLY 3 DAYS!!! And that’s just from ONE web source.

There was NO so called product launch … I put the product together, made a few videos and released it. I didn’t know a single internet marketer or gurus at the time so there were NO JV partners however I created such an ‘awe’ all over the internet that I made friends with people across the globe overnight, including the BIG name gurus.

What everybody liked about me was I revealed my ‘ACTUAL’ blueprint to how one can bring in a planet load of visitors for free… ALL without spending a penny on Adwords. Everybody else were cleaning up their credit cards, getting close to losing their homes or much worse, getting ‘very’ close to divorce.

You see I’m a guy who works from home. Every day I wake up, I grab a coffee (I still need one), fire up the laptop, check my accounts, check my work in progress and then close it up mainly within an hour or 2. Then I spend the rest of the day doing my ‘thing’.

What I like best about my day is when I leave my virtual world and enter the real world… I see thousands of people rushing doing one thing after the other. The world is going mad making ends meet. Mortgage to pay, credit card bills topping up, fuel, car insurance and they don’t even have the courtesy or time to say ‘Hi, how are you mate!’ anymore.

‘Sorry I’m busy… I’ll speak to you later!’ But you obviously you know that later never comes.

Everyone is working round the clock, totally burnt out to make money so that they can finally pursue their dreams, the dreams they really want to live. You have a dream … right? Being financially secure allows you to live the DREAM!! You see I’m living my dream and so are those BIG headed gurus!

I got to do this, then I gotta do that, then this, then that… and it just carries on! I bet I even place an expression on your face as I know you agree with me here. Too much to do and not enough time in a day!

Overnight Celebrity Status…

Sign up here and I’ll hook you up to the system!

Like I said Google Snatch was a runaway success and overnight I became the ‘Go-To-Guy’ for FREE traffic. Here’s mainly why… thousands of people are still trying hard to break even with their so called online business venture. Why? Because all of these people are PAYING for their traffic. Sure … FREE is always BETTER than PAID as when you take away advertising costs from gross profits… not many people really are making a killing … for example:

Overall gross sales for the month = $6,932.94
Advertising expense = $5,231.72

Profit = $1,701.22

Now I on the other hand…

Overall gross sales for the month = $6,932.94
Advertising expense = $0

Profit = $6,932.94

Now how is that possible? Well with the iContentRobot…
You should close your Google Adwords account immediately
You will STOP jumping on every bandwagon for limited success
You can start getting traffic within 3 seconds as compared to Google’s 15 minutes
It’s now possible to finally copy and paste your way to online success
You can STOP fiddling with keyword research tools
Forget Google rankings and GO for super rankings across the entire internet network
The duplication era has finally ENDED
Instant power rankings are back with a vengance
Obtaining FREE backlinks has just got easier for the ‘average’ guy
You will have unlimited content disposal at your fingertips
It will take care of Google new LSI - Latent Semantic Indexing rules
Your Alexa ranking will shoot off into another universe
Prove the fact that Google Page Rank has lost the plot
Conquering a niche market is now child’s play
You need one in your business!!!

The problem with paid traffic is … the visitors knows it’s paid. They’re not stupid, they can see your ads on Google a mile off. You’d get away with it a couple of years ago but today your ads are screaming out of the page saying ‘I’m an ad, click me AND buy me’.

Thus the way they see it… you’re forcing them pay for your product or service so the mindset is still hesitant about what you have to offer even when they’ve click through. A couple of back and forth clicks and there goes your daily limit. Now you’re oblivious to them… that’s right… just like that. Your pay per click account caps out and you’re lost in translation!!!

Sales Pressure = NO Sale

Now with my FREE traffic formula … they want to know more about your product or service and can’t wait to get their hands on it. So they click back and forth doing research and ‘wow’, you’re still there as there is NO daily cap with FREE traffic. You can’t even stop the free traffic even if your website goes DOWN!!!

NO Pressure = More Sales

Ok… as you can see it’s getting nasty now… so before you start reading another word, get out of your night clothes, have a shave, comb your hair, look good then come back to read this. Don’t grab a coffee as you won’t need it, so grab a cloth and clean all the stains too.

The World’s First Copy & Paste Formula

I’ve tried every free traffic generation tool to automate my business, however every tool just made it more and more difficult. These generation tools just never made sense to humans. It did however make sense to the search engines for a short while but soon got wiped out as eventually they caught on with junk websites and deleted them from the index.

All my hard work of automating my business just vanished within a couple of months. I spent endless days and nights creating websites and within seconds I got wiped out. So I needed to come up with something original, something that the humans, search engines AND other BIG player websites would love.

The days of ‘keep trying until one sticks’ have come to an end. Ice-age technology is being replaced by futuristic and sophisticated technology. It’s like I employ Google’s programmers, the ones that get selected before they could even pronounce … ‘Mama’ or ‘Dada’! These crazy nerds that will control the future of technology.

I bet since you started working on the internet you’ve stopped if not reduced your real life? Your plan was the opposite but it isn’t working out. You hardly get time to get away from your desk as you’re too busy trying to get traffic to your website.

Not only that… you probably even spend more than 70% of your day AND night in front of the screen you’re reading this from right now. Same desk, same chair and SAME bloody computer.

Sign up here and I’ll hook you up to the system!

Don’t get me wrong… you want to get away but you think, ‘I need to get some sales!’, ‘I need to get more visitors!’ ‘I need to at least break even, before my partner finds out!’

An hour flies by, then another then another. You whole day whizzes right pass you as your partner awaits in frustration. But one day you’re going to get up to do the same routine but this time, unknowingly to your ‘existance’ your partner has left you early in the morning.

I know you want to hangout with your friends, but this screen you’re looking at right now just doesn’t let you. It’s there in your room and its calling you to use it, actually it’s screaming, yelling and begging you from the top of it’s virtual lungs…

Come on … be honest? How much time do you spend away from your computer in a day?

One minute? 2 minutes? One hour? 2 hours? 6 hours?

How about 22 hours?

I spend on average 23 hours a day away from my screen AND I don’t pay for the traffic to get the sales. That’s right… zilch.

This may sound like I’ve got elves working for me but I don’t!

Want to know what I do?

I grab a keyword, click a button, copy and paste and I’m done.

You must now be thinking… ‘Holy crap’ or in defense… ‘Shut the f**k up…’ or even ‘Yeah, whatever you say man…’

Like I said… I was an overnight success for A REASON! Before the limelight I was doing exactly what you were doing wrong. Yep, that’s right … exactly what you were doing wrong. Using all the wrong techniques to drive traffic and if I was wrong then you wouldn’t be reading this page right now, you’d be busy making money!

Yes … I’ve tried all the techniques… Adwords, SEO, list building, copywriting, blogging, social bookmarking and even tiredless nights of content writing. But guess what? Only one technique worked for me and I use it over and over again with endless money being cashed each time.

Think about it… have you tried Adwords, SEO, list building, copywriting, blogging, social bookmarking and even tiredless nights of content writing? Course you have, well at least one of them anyway … then you notice your inbox, ‘the next get rich quick formula’ has hit the market and you’re off again trying that new so-called magical discovery of a techique for overnight riches.

Why do you think I became successful overnight or anyone else for that matter? Not because I kept jumping from one bandwagon to the next … it’s because I stuck to ONE technique! And I used it over and over again… that’s all!

Sign up here and I’ll hook you up to the system!

Sounds too good to be true? Well everything I do to bring in free traffic is ALL just simply COMMON SENSE! Even Google adores me like a little brother for doing exactly what they want me to so they send me a pile of cash-paying visitors.

Ok let’s break it up…

I’m a simple guy who lives next door, minds his own business and has everybody in town taking a diving interest in what I do. In the offline world if someone sees you during working hours (9-5) … the first thing that pops in their head is … ‘day off today?’ or ‘not working?’

I have to keep my reply critically short and simple … ‘I’m on flexi-time, they (computer) let me go early today.’

As I’ve tried saying ‘No, I don’t work’, and slowly overtime I realised that people would seriously think you’re a ‘retard’ so I had no choice but to change it to ‘flexi-time’. It’s a small town so it’s easy to get noticed and my dad started getting worked up too. Sorry dad!

eBay Embarrassment!!!

You see I live in the UK and here many people still think eBay is the ONLY way to make money online?! So when I say I have own website businesses … the common answer is ’so what do you sell on eBay?’

This kinda gets frustrating when I explain it’s not eBay and it follows with 1001 questions of FBI investigation tactics to know more. So you can probably work out, we’re a bit behind with the internet or out of touch when I say you can make money on the internet!

So you should have by now worked out that I’m surely not a guru and I’m a real person … and I’ve personally spoken to some of my students over the phone and they were like ‘F**king hell… is that you Latif’ and I’m like… ‘Errrm, yeah man… it’s me’. Then the conversation goes on for a couple of minutes like… ‘I can’t believe I’m speaking to you’, blah blah blah. At times I feel like a celebrity…

But I’m NOT!!!

People who have spoken, emailed or even met up with me … know I’m real and I’m down to earth and I do my utmost best to get them making money.

My interest is to show you not just how to make money, but to also change your way of life for the better! A very BOLD statement I know because if you drive a Ford and the next day you drive a Porsche … I know 100% it will make you feel MUCH better.

You pull out the Ford key from your pocket and people don’t bother… but when you pull out a Porsche key … you get people’s attention. Think about it… look out of the window and take a good look at your car… then think of the car you actually want on that drive. Will your dream car make you feel better?

‘Hell… yeahhhh!’

Just like the bank manager that never had an interest in you, but when you start cashing in big checks they want to be your best buddy. That’s the kind of life changing experience I am talking about. Everybody now wants to be your friend.

Damn Those Visitors…

Anyway you could be thinking that affiliate marketing is my expertise or Clickbank is? But Google Snatch was my first ever product on Clickbank in October last year. Also I’m not even an active affiliate marketer… but what I do know is how to get that damn visitor to my site without paying for it.

Know the feeling? Where are those damn visitors? Why haven’t people visited my site? I remember those terms in my war years with my ’so-called’ internet business. I didn’t know once how it all worked. I got frustrated, really frustrated sometimes … yep I sure did and I bet you do too!

‘Hey Latif … where’s your car, where’s your house, show me your boat?!’

You want me to boast about my flamboyant lifestyle I’m having right now? Working less than an hour a day, cashing in suitcases full of money, driving the fast cars, living in mini-mansions (a mansion is tooo big for me … I’m not stupid to have 28 empty rooms), taking exotic holidays blah blah blah … BUT the real question you need to ask yourself is … is that going to get YOU free traffic or any money at all?

Like hell it is!!! So I’m going to save the wine and dine ‘munipulative’ romance for some other day.

Software Takeover Humans…

As vicious as it may sound… technology is rapidly taking over our lifestyles. If you have a Blackberry, you lose it for ONE day… you feel absolutely LOST without it!!! It has become part of our lives as so has the cell phone you carry. Technology has become part of OUR lives, we have to accept them as a 3rd partner whether we like it or not!

If you work on the internet and you don’t get internet connection every day, you’ll go bezerks, I know I would. Even when you power up your PC and for some reason you can’t get connected to the internet, you’ll spend the next few hours which turns out to be whole day trying to get it started … am I right?

I’ll be frank with you… my system is NOT for everyone… if you like the manual daily hard labor then I think you should stick with it. If you like to burn a sweat to earn your money, then this is DEFINITELY not for you. If on the other hand you like to press a button and get things done for you like Henry Ford, then this could be for you…!

The POWER Of iContentRobot…
No more hours wasted doing research
No more hours wasted finding profitable keywords
No more hours wasted working out the keyword density
No more hours wasted figuring out what to write
No more hours wasted writing the content
No more hours wasted ensuring the content makes sense (BIGGEST failure of todays software … pumps out a load of JUNK!!!)
No more hours wasted re-writing the drafts
No more hours wasted re-writing the content (spins)
No more hours wasted ensuring uniqueness of content
No more hours wasted counting the number of words
No more hours wasted to ensure it accommodates the new Google LSI - Latent Semantic Indexing rules
No more hours wasted discovering where to post
No more hours wasted using 10 different software programs to get your website noticed

All the above is done for you IF you can press a mouse button and copy and paste. So the question you need to ask yourself is…

Can You Copy & Paste Without Any Problems?

I was like any other guy… wanting to find my break online. Trying trying and trying some more. Google Snatch was listed on Clickbank and for someone to come out of NOWHERE, dominate it and still sell double units today is somewhat lucky as many would say. Very lucky you can say!

Thousands of people had their crack online, listed themselves and vanished overnight as it was an absolute, utterly embarrassing moment of their life. They failed and never made a single cent.

I came and I conquered PLUS I even oversold some BIG name marketing gurus who had their first crack online. I literally beat their ass in sales record by thousands in cash. And for it to still sell to this very day … there’s a reason why everyone wants a piece of me now.

I get cash offers up-front to come and work for people. People want to form corporations around me and I simply can’t. I mean … I don’t even know these people and they TRUST me that much that they want me to be part of their company and increase traffic ALL without paying for it.

I’m being head-hunted … I got a call from the US with a cash offer of $92,000 just to set them up in the right direction. Not to work for them but JUST to set them up and running. I was like…

$92,000 … DAMN!!!

I’m being serious… they offered to wire the money across instantly and I can get started in a week or 2. No rush! Now if someone was offering you $92,000 by getting them up and running… no real work at all, just laying out the free traffic forumla I use. What would you be thinking?

Are You For REAL!??!

Exactly my point and that’s just ONE of the offers on the table!

So I got people knocking on my door because I CAN generate free traffic without spending a penny. I get BOTH, LONG term and SHORT term traffic that just keeps coming and coming and it would never stop even if I shut down my website. I get people calling my office to place orders EVEN when the order page in BIG bold fonts reads…


Content creation is a technique and that is all I use to generate my money manually. There are millions of people just like you who don’t and can’t write such sizzling content that Google, Yahoo, MSN or even the other BIG player websites loves. The ones that are listed in the Top 500 of So you can guess what I did next to automate the process…

Sign up here and I’ll hook you up to the system!

I created an iRobot, (so this isn’t an ebook) just like the one in the movie. A robot so sophisticated, that doesn’t eat or sleep AND no this doesn’t have any feelings. It only stays awake to do one thing as there is only one law…

Generate FREE Traffic!

So now I’m giving you the opportunity, where you can take my NEVER used content for ‘your’ websites. All you have to do is copy and paste. That’s all!!!

A sophisticated robot that does all the work? Is it 2015 already? You BET it is!

You won’t ever need to write content ever again AND never need to worry about duplicate content. I’ve developed the robot in such a way that you WILL never write or get penalised for content ever again.

In a nutshell to what I do … I insert a keyword, click a button, copy and paste to my website or even my blog, to article directories, blog directories, social sites you name them. Any website that accepts my words.

For one page, start to finish and that is to do the research, find the profitable keyword, look for ideas across the web, create a draft page, redo the draft page, create the final version, check the density, check the number of times I inserted a keyword and THEN post it … takes me

3 Seconds!!!

Yes… that’s right… you didn’t read that wrong. From start to finish of creation to posting, takes me just 3 seconds. I don’t use any PLR stuff, slave labor in a 3rd world country or even a proofreader.

“When it comes to getting free, highly targeted traffic online, you can’t beat high quality unique content.

The problem is, or was, that every content page you create has to be unique and you need hundreds of them to spread around the web to get maximum effect.

I used to do it the hard way by writing the original content, submitting it, spinning it to be over 30% unique, submitting that and so on.

Hours passed and I would ‘always’ get tired of the whole process before submitting to even 5 sites.

iContentRobot has at last revolutionised this mind-numbing task.

Not only can I now create a new version of my content in around 2 seconds, it will be over 70% unique to any other version I’ve created. I can create thousands of unique versions of my content at the click of a button!

I can at last get my content posted all over the net in a tiny fraction of the time it used to take me to post to 5 sites!

The resulting traffic and backlinks have an immense effect on my sites with traffic levels and ranking rising daily.

Now that in itself would be enough, but even the original content is researched and written for me. It just doesn’t get any better!

If I want content for a particular niche that isn’t currently available, I just ask for it, sit back and wait for it to arrive.

Just a click of a mouse, then copy and paste. Now this doesn’t mean you will eventually get to 3 seconds after several months of training… NOPE! As soon as you log in … your very first attempt is done in less than 3 seconds.

But it gets better … now I need further unique content for promotion and distribution to all content accepting sites. I can’t use the same one over and over again as Google informs the elite team of duplication removal service. Ha ha … I just made that name up. Duplication Removal Service (DRS) sounds like UPS!

Ok what I do next takes me less than 3 seconds and another unique content pops out. You know … I wish I could just show you the same content in the iContentRobot and the content published BUT I can’t!! Each time I log out of the system and back in, it brings a unique content page altogether.

Before YOU Start Throwing Punches…

This is NOT a content snippet software that gathers junk, I mean chunks of information across the internet and forms a content page. Or a PLR system where the content can ONLY be used a number of times, generally the number of people in the membership (who checks if the content is overused?)

So these guys have one page of content that can only be logically used once otherwise more will trigger Google to put out these pages. Now if the same content is submitted to those hundreds of article directories, hundreds of blog sites, hundred of social bookmarking sites then everyone will have the same content.


Overtime duplicate content gets wiped out forever without you even noticing. With the iContentRobot each time I click ‘Generate’, I get a brand new content page that has NEVER been used on the internet ever before.

This system is NOT for everyone … however you can get someone to write you 5,000 pages of unique content that has never been published anywhere in the world? You know how much you would have to pay them?

For argument sake let’s say it costs $5 a page and 5,000 unique content pages will equate to $25,000. You have to picture this carefully as it can begin to sound too good to be true.

Let me try drilling this into your head. 5,000 unique pages will cost you an arm and a leg and if you do them yourself… it could take you a couple of years!!

I on the other hand, click ‘Generate’ 5,000 time and have the job done in less than an hour depending how twitchy my finger is.

And it wouldn’t cost me close to a single cent. As I can do double that the next day and it still wouldn’t equate to more than a cent.

Now picture this… you CAN begin to do what I do…

As you know you need to constantly write content and also announce it to other major websites to get attention. Post high quality content to your web sites and to other sites listed below to keep the attention of your visitors and the search engines!

Web 2.0 sites
Product review sites
Article directories
Adsense sites
Directory listings
Portal sites
Annoncement lists
Mini-sites adsense or affiliate
Niche marketing sites
Mini -nets
Niche - funnel
Authority sites
E-zine sites

and these are just ’some’ examples… BUT why am I saying all these sites and NOT just Google? Let me explain … below is a graph of traffic coming from different BIG player sites on the internet.

Majority of people concentrate on Google and NOTHING else … that is a graving mistake you’re about to REGRET! Other sites that accept content like Google also send a ton of traffic that we SIMPLY totally ignore. Now look at the graph below … it shows the combined traffic as to just concentrating on Google.

It’s true… “content is King”, but to a certain extent, however in today’s world of ever-fast changing technology… Unique Content is KING! Content that is high quality, keyword-rich, LSI formed, readers love it AND the major search engines can’t live without it.

Writing top quality content is pain-staking. Ask anyone who does it for a living. You have to decide the topic, research like hell before you can even actually begin writing anything!

It Is A Lot Of Work, I Guarantee You…

Sign up here and I’ll hook you up to the system!

Ask anyone in internet marketing for any niche site how difficult and time-consuming it can be to write just ONE page of content. You even have to write content for your Google Adwords ad before it goes live. So there is definitely work involved not doubt. However ‘physical work’ will soon engrave itself in the history books where your great, great, great grandchild will read one day. Technology is taking over … don’t believe me? Think iRobot the movie.

Still don’t believe me? Think Google then! NOW that got you thinking didn’t it? Google is run on software and hardware, nothing else. Exactly … so what is it? TECHNOLOGY!!!

I developed my iContentRobot to create high quality content pages in just seconds! This is what I will share with you… my iRobot that generates content that sticks on the internet for many years to come.

Are you thinking of duplicate content and ways you will get penalised? Have I EVER been penalised? NEVER!!! No matter how hard Google tries… they just can’t say no to me.

Ok … So What Are You Offering?

Access to my iContentRobot, where every month I shall provide you with 50 topics in different niche markets where you can use the content as many times as you want. Remember each time you click ‘Generate’ it will produce a brand new, unique content page. So the number of unique content pages you will receive is unlimited.

You can use the content once or a thousand times, the choice is yours. So quite frankly I will write your content every month exactly the same way I write my OWN. Each month you will receive 50 new topics with unlimited content pages directly from my desk.

So what’s the first month’s topics?

accept credit cards online, orlando vacation, paris short stays, personal injury claims lawyers, pet insurance, planning a cheap wedding, tips for choosing a wedding ring, wedding favors, antique car insurance, asthma, cellular phone accessory, back pain relief, bankruptcy lawyer, bathroom decorating ideas, bathroom tile design, beauty care products, budget car rental, business travel information, cancer, caribbean cruise, cell phone, cell phone plan, cheap cellular phone, cellular phone ringtone, cellulite, credit card debt relief, critical illness insurance, debt relief, digital wedding photography, divorce lawyer, easy weight loss, accident lawyer, acne skin care products, adoption lawyers, alzheimer’s, anti aging skin care products, bad credit loans, lawyer, yacht insurance, green tea weight loss, home improvement loan, homeowners insurance, home remodelling, hoodia weight loss, kitchen remodelling costs, liposuction, natural weight loss, weight loss drug, loans, weddings

Even 20 of these topics will cover the cost of your investment. But like I said this is not for everyone, however the topic choice has a unique and powerful twist. So let me demonstrate how you can double your topics with a underground technique I also use:

If the topic is ‘accident lawyer’, insert the keyword into iContentRobot and press ‘Generate’. This will pop a unique content page out. Each time you press ‘Generate’ you get a brand new content page. Now I really don’t need to reveal this, but I will.

Here are some variable keywords you can mix and match with ‘accident lawyer’.

Original keyword = Accident

Variable keywords = compensation, injury

Original keyword = Lawyer

Variable keywords = solicitor, attorney

Now here’s a quick list of 9 keywords phrases when I mix and match…

accident solicitor, accident attorney, compensation lawyer, injury lawyer, compensation solicitor, compensation attorney, injury lawyer, injury attorney, injury solicitor

So what does all this mean?

For ONE topic, you will have an ADDITIONAL 9 topics.

So what good is this?

Sign up here and I’ll hook you up to the system!

Generate the original content from iContentRobot, then use the find and replace feature to replace the keyword from ‘accident lawyer’ to either accident solicitor, accident attorney, compensation lawyer, injury lawyer, compensation solicitor, compensation attorney, injury lawyer, injury attorney or even injury solicitor. So you can imagine how many different keyword and content pages you can generate every month!!!

But that’s not all… every month I will open a request box to ask YOU what you want ME to write about. Do you want me to write about make money, about dog training, about network marketing or even weight loss? You let me know and I will create content for YOU exactly the same way I write my OWN content.

Just this feature alone will allow you to put your feet up. No more preparation work as you can get me to do all your hard work and all you need to do then is copy and paste. How easy is that?

“Copy & Paste Free Traffic Formula
Or Your Money Back…”

I know how powerful my iContentRobot is … that’s why I am going to give you FREE lifetime subscription to the system OR I will refund your money back, THREE times over IF you find any page exactly the same as the prior page pumped out. Also I want you protected with my full unconditional 30-day money back guarantee. You will get access to the same iContentRobot I’m using quietly including my small coaching club members.

I want to ensure you are fully protected, which is why I am offering you a full 30 days to test-drive my iContentRobot and see why I have successfully made my mark not only on the internet including Google, Yahoo, MSN, large content networks, blogging sites and social bookmarking sites but also across the entire internet marketing BIG PLAYERS community.

If for any reason whatsoever, you are unhappy with the quality, just let me know and your membership will be cancelled, and your fee refunded. You can cancel your membership at any time, for ANY reason.

Ok Latif … Get On With It… How Much???

I’m not going to beat round the bush so I’m offering an ‘exclusive’ price discount for the first 500 customers who secure their personal iContentRobot.

Here is your chance to copy and paste your way to success. Other junk software have failed your expectations, however you’ve seen demonstration of unique content pages, powerful ranking in search engines, unlimited LSI content pages and my raving success with free traffic accumlation at the click of a button.

I’ve thought hard about pricing my personal iRobot for you to access. Having a content writer writing you 5,000 unique pages will cost you $25,000 at $5 a piece and that is NOT an amount you can afford so… I want it to be available to the ‘average’ person who are craving for success.

So for the First 500 Customers you can get a personal iContentRobot in your home doing MOST of your work for $67!

But I’ll be quite honest, even YOU know this is extremely low especially if you have me on your side, personally creating content for you.

Sign up here and I’ll hook you up to the system!

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