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Hello Folks! 

 It's been a very interesting few days. I have become involved with the dogs of The Bloodhound Gang, helping out with some podcasting they're doing over there. First, I must say that the people over there are just a total class act; you couldn't ask for a better-hearted group of people. Those guys are going places, maybe even to heaven.

Well, as it happens, I have some experience with professional audio engineering, and offered to help by cleaning up some audio files so that they could post them on the site as pod-casts. First, I did one for Kris Berg in SoCal when she interviewed the CEO of Redfin, Inc. You can listen here.

Next, I "scrubbed" some audio for a seminar on web potency for Realtors that was conducted by Dustin Luther from & You will find these pod-casts at BloodhoundBlog soon, I'm sure.

I'm very excited to help these guys out, as audio engineering is actually rather relaxing for me. It's a really fun hobby (although extremely expensive), and gives me a chance to exercise the other side of my brain. One of the things I would like to offer to the world at large, is just a bit of advice on how to go about setting up a very affordable and professional sounding portable audio rig to do some recording. For the purposes of this brief treatise, I will assume an absolute ignorance of all things audio, so if you're a know-it-all, just indulge me for a moment.

I have come up with a plan that includes 3 or 4 very small and inexpensive pieces of audio gadgetry that together would cost less than $400, and would capture audio for both interviews and seminars (or anything else, for that matter) with aplomb.  Now, these items that I am about to list are readily available, and are cheap. (Note to Audio Geeks:  I know that there are much better tools for this job, and you're foaming at the mouth to make a recommendation. Let me just preemptively state that I am aware that this job can also be done admirably for around $12,000. Just go back to your corner.)

The first scenario that I envision is that you'll want to interview a person and record it for posterity. Maybe you've found a really neat person whose opinion really matters, and you want to share it with others. Maybe you would like to record your next listing presentation (is this a real estate site?) so that you can hear how ridiculous you sound. Well, here's what you'll need:

1 Digital Recorder

2 Lavalier Microphones

2 Cables

There you go! Two close microphones to pick up the sound, two cables to carry the sound, and one stereo digital recorder to capture your every breath! NEAT! And it all runs on batteries.

Now, the next scenario presupposes that you are at a geekinar seminar where there's going to be a master guru sales weasle. First, you'll want to ask him if it's okay (maybe you should've asked the guy you interviewed too, sheesh! Details!) if you record him giving his talk. If he says it's a great idea and asks for a copy, you're golden. If he looks around for his attorney, or his bodyguards, make a break for the crowd and try to blend in.  Once you've got permission (in writing?) you just slap this puppy on the table near where he'll be pacing and ranting, and BAM! You've got it.

I hope that you'll take these little ideas and run with them. Make beautiful audio recordings. It's fun!


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Dustin Luther - Calabasas, CA
Thanks for cleaning up the sound!   There is huge improvement over the original!     
Feb 11, 2007 01:25 PM