How to stay up in a down market.

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I am sure that I am not the only one feeling the pinch of this market but I have been here before.  When I first got my license in 1996 I would go to the settlement table where sellers would have to bring money and the tears would be flowing.  I really did not think I could do this for a living but here I am twelve years later and still surviving.  I find myself working 60 to 70 hours a week again but yes I am busy.  What I have realized is history in fact does repeat itself.  Your mind set is everything in this market.  Business is out there we just have to get back to basics and lead generate.  For those who are doubtful in this market pick up the phones and start calling who you know.  Ask for the business.

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Michael Setunsky
Woodbridge, VA
Your Commercial Real Estate Link to Northern VA

Isn't this the truth. Real estate is a cyclical business. At the moment, we are just on the down side of the curve. It will come back, as it always has in the past.

Good Post!

Mar 26, 2008 04:07 AM