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Small Biz Network Group Meeting

Real Estate Sales Representative with Real Living Northwest

Hey Everyone,

I can't believe it's been almost a month since our last meeting.  We definitely had a lot of great participation and input from everyone.

Our next meeting is Monday April 7, at 10:00am to 11:00am at the Nisqually Coffee Café.  If you know of someone who would enjoy coming to the meeting that has a business on the island that I've somehow missed, please let them know and bring them along.

Some subjects we might consider covering:

1.    "Elevator" speech - This would be a pitch about your product or service that is narrowed down to 30 seconds or so.  It's a great idea suggested by Merry McNutt at our last meeting.

2.     Using Testimonials - Bob & Judy Dunn's fabulous Marketing Hotspots newsletter is a great source for information and inspiration on marketing your business.  Personally, this is an area where I need to follow through on. 

3.    Blogs - how's everyone's blog sites coming along?  Hope to have Tony McNutt there to help with technical questions or to at least make connection with those who may need assistance.  Once everyone has their blog sites set up, I would like to compile a list so that each of us can link to each other's site.

4.    Any suggestions?  Questions?  Need help with something?  We're there to help.

See you all there.

Cheryl Steffen

Lady PrezJ



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