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I'm taking a survey!  We're looking for a few (just a few mind you) good agents.  We are a small boutique firm and would like to keep it that way. 

As the sales manager (and trainer), I prefer to work with a limited number of agents who can take an idea and run with it and who will agree to accountability along with their training.  We offer free business planning and training with the ISucceed Real Estate program as well.  No newbies -- unless their previous life experience adds value to their potential as successful agents. 

Here's the questions! 

1.  Big or small -- does it matter?  What are the perceived benefits of working with a large firm?

2.  Franchise or Independent -- Are you really getting your money's worth from that franchise fee?

3.  Appearances matter.  Or do they?  Are you willing to settle for a smaller split in exchange for paying your share of the rent at a fancy office?  Have you gone wireless?  How often do use the office these days?

4.  What are your favorite "added value" benefits at your current brokerage?

 We make it clear that we are looking for agents who treat their business like a business.  Our belief is that we can build wealth side by side with the agents and encourage them to invest in real estate for their own benefit. 

Question #4 should be the most important for us ... how do we package up a winning solution that will help ensure our agents' continued success?  What are your favorite (included with my split) business solutions?



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The Entire Team of Price & Company Professionals
Price & Company Realty - Myrtle Beach, SC
I'm very anxious to hear about your response, Mary.  I, too, am a broker of an independent brokerage and I am looking for a few good agents to join my team.  I would be interested in discussing a potential referral situation with you, if you are so inclined.
Mar 26, 2008 03:23 AM