How to Sell Your House Fast in 2014: Alternatve Marketing Tips

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Home sellers all around the world love to sell their home in a highly profitable manner, and they used to follow various tips and techniques to ensure a healthy selling experience. There are various factors which will determine the selling potential of your home, and it include the style, location and aesthetics associated with your building. As a home seller, you should highlight all the attractive points of your home, and it will surely fetch you benign results. There are various tips you can follow to sell your home in a quick and effective manner, and some of the most noted ones are mentioned below.

1. Enhance Your Home's Exterior: A clean and modern exterior will create an initial positive impression in the minds of potential buyers, and this allows you to move a step further in selling your home. You should  make sure that the exterior is painted properly, and it should capture the heart of the buyer within a glance. It is also recommended to modify your garden to enhance the overall looks of your home. If there are any issues with your fence, then make sure that you have fixed it before you start to market the property.

2. Minimize Visible Wear and Tear: Some home owners focus on making their homes attractive by enhancing the looks, but they will forget to fix the most obvious problems. This is absolutely a bad idea, and in some cases, these small problems will drastically influence the potential buying decision. Always make sure that you fixing obvious problems like leaky faucets, chipped paint, etc. A well maintained home will attract the minds of the buyers, and thus you can sell your home in no time.

3. Work With The Best Real Estate Agent: This is undoubtedly the most vital tip you should follow when putting your home for sale. The real estate arena is full of traps and pits, and if you are not aware of these things, then there are chances of ending up in financial losses. A competent real estate agent will be well aware of the trends which are ruling the sector, and he will help you to sell your home in an efficient manner. While choosing a real estate agent, you should be a bit careful, and should always make sure that you are choosing a reputed agent or agency for your needs. These people might have buyers waiting in line; buyers that trust them and have money. The services of these agents may be more costly, but they will surely offer you impeccable services which will satisfy you in all aspects.

4. Make your presence in Local Real Estate Investment Association: This is a mostly  unnoted tip which you could help you sell your house faster. Most major metropolitan areas in the US will have its own real estate investment associations; clubs where real estate professionals congregate to network. If you are looking to sell your house fast, you should try to mark your presence over here. For a small fee of about $20, anybody can attend their meetings. During these meetings, you will find many real estate investors who look forward to buy homes. Talk to these investors in a tactful manner, and you should finalize a profitable deal.

Use Internet and feel the magic: The advent of internet has brought about revolutionary changes in all courses of our life, and the real estate sector is no different. Most of the home buyers in the modern world now begin their home search on the internet. As a home seller, you should understand this potential, and should use the internet for maximum effectiveness.

You can make use of classified pages like Craiglist to reap the maximum benefits. Online classified pages like craiglist can be embraced for marketing your properties, and the results will be benign in nature for sure. While posting ads in Craiglist, you should make it highly attractive in all means. Also, you should specify the location and ownership of your home to increase the attention of the buyers. It is also recommended to include good pictures and even a link to a youtube video tour in your craiglist ad to stand out from others.

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Facebook, the king of Social Media Sites can also be used for selling your homes. Facebook contains official pages of many realtor groups, and if you are posting your ads in these pages, then it will drastically increase the effectiveness of your selling potential. In these pages, you should post pictures and videos of your home, and these pictures should be highly attractive in nature. You can also list the advertisements of your home in real estate websites. Most of the potential home buyers used to visit real estate websites before making a move, and ads in these websites will fetch you benefits beyond means. 

Finally, sites like trulia, zillow, and are other good sources of potential home buyers. Again, make sure you add pictures and videos to your listing as well as a comprehensive description. Dont hold back,  show-off your homes best features in the pictures, videos and description!

Offer Incentives: If you are in a rush to sell your house, you can always offer an extra incentive or reward to the brokers, realtors or investors that are working to sell your house. This will compel them to work hard at all means. You can also offer expensive gadgets or paid trips as a reward, and thus you will get results in a quick and efficient manner.

You can also try traditional marketing methods like putting up signs in local notice boards. Sometimes, these advertisements will catch the attention of the buyer, and it may result in a deal.

All the tips mentioned above are highly effective, and it will help you to sell homes in a fast manner. If you follow these tips carefully they should help you speed up the home selling process.  Please make sure to comment if you have any other awesome home selling tips or advice on how to sell your house fast that work.

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Li Read
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Caring expertise...knowledge for you!

All good tips...including that investment association one.

May 22, 2014 04:17 AM
David Saba
Thanks Li, I am trying to write the best guide on selling your house fast for my website If you have any other awesome ideas, let me know and I will mention you in the article at
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Endre Barath, Jr.
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David all good advice who does not want to sell their home fast and for the most amount of money? This is clearly a good way to do it!, Endre

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