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The tradition of hanging potted flowers is celebrated in Lake Oswego, Oregon over the past weekend. This highlight truly brings out the colorful Spring feelings all over the nighborhood. I think it's a group of about 7 or 8 staff that walks around and hangs the plants from hooks on the light posts. They even support the heavy items from below with a special pot lifter to take the weight off while the official connects the hook. Crews water the plants frequently and the people
 involved take great pride in what they do. Sponsors are encouraged and names of financial supporters are published in the local papers and I'm certain there are many bragging rights at the offices where donations come from.

Make sure you contact the City of Lake Oswego Chamber of Commerce website to get the details on how to sponsor a hanging basket. There are many locations to decorate around

the streets of Lake Oswego. Here's the link to donate:


All Summer long help keep Lake Oswego blooming!

There are two hundred and forty baskets of flowers throughout our city of Lake Oswego. I think prices start at $300 for your very own basket.

Potted plants can be a GREAT way to contribute to the community.

For more info. on our city please look at our website at:

Cooper Jacobs Real Estate for news and information and check out how we're making donations to the Lake Oswego school district.

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