Jacksonville Down Payment Assistance Updates Part 2

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As promised, I am going to discuss the Jacksonville H2H program or Headstart to Homeownership program. If you recall in my last post, I gave the information on the Florida Assist ( Florida Bond Money ) program which provides $10,000 in down payment and closing cost assistance. For more information on this program please visit my website. Now let's get back to the H2H program ( Headstart to Homeownership ).


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This program is specifically for residents of Duval county, Jacksonville, FL and it provides up to $15,000 in down payment and closing cost assistance to credit eligible first time home buyers. The maximum gross income is a little less than the Florida Assist Program as you may only earn up to 80% of the Median income for Florida. For example; A family of four may not earn more than $50,550 to receive assistance.

The maximum purchase price for the H2H program is $271,050.00, that can certainly buy a lot of house here in Jacksonville, FL. 


The Jacksonville H2H program is a very popular program and can run out of funds very quickly as it is first come, first served. You must a contract on a property in order to reserve funding however you may NOT place an offer on a property without approval from the Headstart to Homeownership program.

 If you are a first time homebuyer and would like more information on the H2h ( Head start to homeownership ) program please contact me.





Please see the chart below;


Household Size           Gross Income               Gross Income 

                            (50% of Median)               (80% of Median) 


1                                  $22,150                         $35,400 


2                                  $25,300                         $40,450 


3                                  $28,450                         $45,500 


4                                  $31,600                         $50,550 


5                                  $34,150                         $54,600 


6                                  $36,700                         $58,650 


7                                  $39,200                         $62,700 


8                                  $41,750                         $66,750 


* The gross income limits are effective as of January, 

2014 and are adjusted annually. 



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