Wood window repair, Manteca CA

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Wood window repair, Manteca CA


 Repairing wood windows starts like everything else. You need to do some research and find out a few things. Wood species and joinery are probably the two most important things when repairing an old sash style window. Manufacturers use complex joinery to help sustain the life of the window, usually a tongue and groove stile and rail technique. However over time, no matter how the wood window is constructed, it has a natural tendency to absorb water. (It's a tree after all.)

 Wood window Repair Manteca CA


 Repairing rotted wood windows is really as simple as removing the rot and adding new wood. The trick is making it look like it used too. Using the right router bit for the glazing bead and groove bits for the joinery, usually you can get a near perfect match. Straight grained Douglas fir with a low moisture content would be my choice for a typical wood window repair, Manteca CA has a few good stores for that lumber. Laminated veneer lumber (LVL) is an option as well. No matter what wood species you choose, without paint or a water repellent coat the wood won't last. It's important to keep your windows protected from the elements by giving them a suitable cladding. Don't go vinyl, keep it real with repaired wood windows!








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