To Buy or to Rent...That is the Question!

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To buy or to rent? That really is the million dollar question. Maybe you were thinking about buying a house for $600K, but then found a fabulous apartment to rent for $2500 a month.  What should you do? If you buy, then you will be investing but you could also lose money if the bubble bursts or you might make out better if you just rent!

Well, our friends over at the NewYork Times nailed it. They have taken just about every consideration one would take in buying versus renting, mashed up the data in their data masher 3000 and created a calculator that compares the numbers for you. Guess work it gone. I spent what felt like hours throwing out different number variables and the results are pretty impressive. Click on the link below and have some some fun.

Is It Better to Rent or Buy?

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