Today; 5/28/14

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High 89  Low 68  Chance of Storms
"The universal brotherhood of man
is our most precious possession." - Mark Twain...
Al says - That rake by the sand trap is there for -
               golfers who feel guilty about skipping -
               out on lawn work...
Ukraine - Both sides have stepped up their attacks -
               in the fight for the eastern Ukraine...
Thailand - The military junta has detained most of the -
                 top members of the elected government...
Looking through the Milkglass - Some days, the best thing -
                                                   about my job is that the chair spins...
Congress - Is stepping up pressure on the White House -
                   to make Russia comply with a key nuclear arms treaty...
Northbridge Park - Opened yesterday with a pier, dock, canoe and -
                              kayak launch, and picnic area...
Word for Today - tenuity - \tuh-NOO-I-tee, -NYOO-, te-\ - noun -
                                          1. Thinness of consistency; rarefied -
                                              condition. -
                                          2. The state of being tenuous. -
                                          3. Slenderness. ...
Your Brain On Bubbles - A recent study published in -
                                        Gastroenterology  found that the brain -
                                        regions in drinkers of sugary and -
                                        sugar-free sodas light up in the same -
                                        sweetness-detecting spot. carbonation -
                                        also makes the brain perceive less sugar -
                                        intake. So, for fizz, opt for plain seltzer...
NYSX  - Closed up with the DOW + 69.23...
Thought for Today - "People who think they know everything
                                  are a great annoyance to those of us
                                  who do."
                                                 ~ Isaac Asimov
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