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Many people dream of big, fancy houses - others white picket fences; however, many people are beginning to think inside the yurt.

For those of you that do not know what a yurt is, here is a quick rundown. A yurt is essentially a large circular building that is comprised of one room initially. After a platform is built, a yurt can be constructed in a single day. Platforms are generally wooden patio type designs, but many options are out there.
The wall stucture is built of wood in lattace form, while the roof is comprised of rafters. The protective shell is a very heavy, durable canvas. 
That may sound like a fancy tent to you, but I assure you that it is not. Yurts, when properly built, can withstand winds of over 100mph and be well-insulated enough to withstand subzero temperatures.
You can purchase a yurt that is large enough to build dividers to create separate rooms, and tall enough that you can even construct a loft to free up main-floor space.

A yurt can be purchased for much less than a home, but there are many factors that follow. If you are planning to furnish your yurt like a house you must take into account the pricing of cabinets, sinks, bathroom emenities, and the such - the platform is an expense as well!
Even with all that figured in, you could very easily have a fully furnished yurt for much less than an equally furnished house. Take into account electricity, water and septic if the property you are considering is not already outfitted.You must also take into account where you live - building laws vary from county to county.
Some areas, such as in town will most likely forbid a yurt - just another reason to move to the mountains.

Many people will actually choose a yurt to live off of the grid in. In this case, yurts are very cheap all around. They will run solar power, wood-burning stove, water-collection system that has filtration, and sometimes even just an outhouse.

The best things about a yurt - very versatile, afforable, easy to assemble, cozy..
Even with a fully furnished yurt, you just feel more connected to the world around you. 

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