Common Mistakes in Logo Design

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With so many businesses launching internet marketing campaigns, it is crucial that you get your company to stand out from the crowd; speaking loud and clear on a podium above the rest of the online static. The easiest way to get your brand recognized is an exceptional logo design that distinguishes you from your competitors.


It is critical that you have a professional team of experts design your logo so that it looks both professional and edgy. You want your logo to embody all that you and your business stand for, and having an amateur design it or pay a company a cheap fee for a carbon copy print will turn out disastrously. Here are five ways logo designing can go wrong and what to avoid.


Allowing an Amateur to Do Your Design


A professional business should look professional, even if they are just startups. New business owners spend a lot of time and resources to get the very best equipment, property and staff available, but they usually allow their company logo design to drop to the wayside and hire a newbie to do it in order to save some cash.


If your logo looks like it was designed by an amateur that will reflect poorly on your company’s image and turn off potential clients.


If designed by a professional, your logo will be both memorable and original, have a longer lifespan and will look extremely professional.


It Contains Stock Art


Another way company’s can cut corners to save money is to design their logo themselves and use simply stock art in their design from sites such as VectorStock. It’s not illegal to use stock art from a software program, but it could possibly get you into some hot water if you incorporate it into a logo.


Your company’s logo should be an original design, with a licensing agreement exclusive only to you. If you choose to use stock art in your logo, it could already be in some other company’s logo design, making yours no longer unique. Plus, stock art typically contains the same shapes and designs, including globes, silhouettes and shapes. Your business is better than that, isn’t it?


Too Complex


Many business owners want to cram as much detail into their company’s logo as possible, but overly complex logo designs can backfire.


When using small, complex images in logos, such as fingerprints, the design can come out blurry and the detail can be lost. The audience also has to process more info if a logo contains many details, which can make them forget about your company. One of the best ways to make a logo memorable is by keeping things simple so that it can speak for itself.


Ugly Font


With so many font choices out there, it can be difficult to choose the best kind for your business. Selecting the right font is one of the most important decisions a designer can make and a logo can definitely fail due to a poor font choice.


Finding the ideal font for your design is all about matching the font style to the icon you are using. If the font matches the icon too closely, both will compete with each other for attention. The trick is to find the right balance, which takes a keen eye and lots of experience, which is another important reason to only hire professionals.


Copying Others


Remember, your logo’s biggest job is to make your company stand out, and if it resembles another business’s logo, it has failed. Copying existing logos does not do anyone any favors.

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The best logo ever was designed or thought of by a third grade class wasn't that how the NASA logo came about. A lot of logos come about from contest that are ran as well. 

May 29, 2014 02:29 PM