Repair Checklist for Your Colonial Town Orlando FL Home

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To get ahead the competition in selling your Colonial Town Orlando home, you may want to perform needed repairs and upgrades.
Rather than focusing heavily and investing in expensive upgrades, just take a closer look at the things that you might have overlooked. Check your house and see if your home  needs some simple repairs.
Here are some things that you can check and fix:


  • Check doors and entryways. The doors are the first thing that your potential buyers will see. It can create a negative impression on the buyer if it is sagging and if the paint is already flaking off. Replace old hinges and repaint it. Just be sure to choose a neutral color .
  • Roof. The roof is one of the fundamental items  of a good Colonial Town Orlando home for sale. Look for signs of missing shingles or roofing tiles and replace promptly. Clean the moss off the roofs too, it's a sign of neglect.
  • Windows. Clear away dust and replace loose hinges.
  • Clear gutters. A cluttered gutter can cause future problems like mold. Clear all debris so the water can flow freely.


Your Colonial Town Orlando home can sell quickly if you are going to fix the things that you usually overlook. A simple repair can actually go a long way and help you sell your home.


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