Negotiating Tips for Atlanta House Sellers

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 Negotiating Tips for Atlanta Sellers

Your Atlanta house is one of your most valuable assets.  When you have come to an important decision to finally sell it, you have to realize that you will need to negotiate to get the most of your Atlanta house even if you have to sell fast.  Negotiating is an art in Real Estate.  Read below some negotiating tips that will be valuable in selling your Atlanta house.


  1. Consider low-ball offers – Do not dismiss the idea of low-ball offers for your Atlanta house as this could be an opportunity to open a dialogue with a buyer who may ultimately give in to the sellers’ wishes. So, always keep the lines open for negotiation. Our willingness to negotiate is a sure way to attract buyers. 
  2. Stay cool and be flexible – Try to respond to the Buyers question in a pleasant and timely manner.  Buyers would likely buy your Atlanta house if he can see that you’ve taken good care of your property and of course if the exchange is pleasant.
  3. Always negotiate with a data not opinion - Fill out a seller’s disclosure with honest answers that will give your Atlanta house Buyer all the possible data that he will need to know about your Atlanta house. 
  4. Raise your Atlanta house value – Make sure you’ll find the time to sell your house and not feeling so pressured of your present situation.  Find the time to plan on how to market your house which includes all the needed repairs, staging the home, and to make sure that your Atlanta house is available to show to Buyers.
  5. Offer Incentives – If your Atlanta house Buyer request for an incentive and it’s not too much to consider this right away to make the deal work and faster. Spend time working on this possibilities right before the negotiation occurs so you can plan ahead of time on what to give.


Selling your Atlanta house can be very stressful. However, it is important to put everything into the right perspective and see the big picture.  We at Working With Houses understand and recognize that everyone has a different situation specific to them and we work with YOU to help solve YOUR specific challenge. Our team of professionals on hand can help.  This is what you should demand from an Atlanta real estate company offering to help you decide what to do with what may be your largest asset.  At Working With Houses, we can ease your worries and come up with a win-win solution to satisfy all parties concerned.  We will give you a full and complete understanding of ALL of your options, with unbiased counseling regarding your individual situation.  The success that comes from helping people with Atlanta Real Estate challenges is a driving force behind Working With Houses.  We strive to maintain excellent customer service and the utmost professional attitudes to ensure each client’s complete satisfaction.  Call for a free consultation today.



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Or...give Frank a call and let him make it happen...Thats the simplest and best way

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Randy Shamburger
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Great information, thanks for sharing.

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Thanks, Richie Alan Naggar!

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You are very welcome, Randy!

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