Using social media to sell homes.

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Using social media to sell homes.


When selling a home I use a lot of different techniques. Some traditional like mailing a just listed, and some more cutting edge like social media. We all know the well tested traditional methods, but what about the new methods like social media. 

Social media can be used in many different ways in real estate. Like most things some ways are more effective than others. My favorite way to market on social media is for open houses. Facebook has some great new features for marketing. You can pick people by many different criteria. I set up an for an event. I then market it to people in the zip code of my open house. I chose people that make the median income, are married, have kids. I then add a call to action to encourage people to act. ex, see what your neighbors house is selling for or best price around! I like to run more than one add to attract buyers and sellers so I use both call to actions.  

This is a great way to help get a strong showing for your open house events. 



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