Getting your home seen in this market!

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With thousands of choices for buyers in this market, how can you make your home STAND OUT?  Take a moment, does your house have curb appeal?  No, I don't mean that the weeds have been cut down this week!  Grab a Better Homes and, look at your front yard...look similar?  If not, get to work immediatly.

The same goes for your houses interior, if it's not clean, with neutral colors..GET TO WORK!  Remember, if you want to move, get rid of your personality.  Gone are the bright colors, funky carpets that make the room look small...put yourself in the shoes of a buyer, a buyer who will probably see 30 houses or more...Now, make that house your selling sparkle.

Next, does your agent take professional quality pictures that will make the over 82% of online lookers want to see your house?  If not, hire a photographer and take evening pictures...

If you'd like more ideas on making your home more me.

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