RAMBLINGS................June, 2014

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By:  Diane Sawdon

I received a wonderful gift last evening.    It was a priceless treasure to me.  It made me smile the rest of the evening.   There was not a single cent of monetary value involved in this gift.   I was watching some late afternoon HGTV when the phone rang.   Because we have a “smart TV” and a Comcast “bundle” of phone, internet and cable TV, the phone number is always printed across the bottom of the screen with an identifying name.   We never answer our phone unless we recognize the name and phone number of the caller because we are constantly barraged with phone scams and telemarketers.  Oh, and to bring more joy to our telephone life, because of the coming election, every candidate wants to chat with us in a recorded message of his/her choice.    This phone call simply said Anonymous.  Now, would I get out of my chair to answer that????????   No!!    Well, not until I heard the voice announce herself.

I wrote a very special (to me, anyways) Ramblings two months ago.   It was about a personal quest to, once again, connect with a place of special meaning  to me from my childhood.   Yes, Calaine and Lori, your words rattled around in my head for almost sixty days.   You haunted my idle hours and made me feel guilty for not taking action.   Then, this past Thursday morning, I sat down and wrote the letter to the present owner of my Grandparent’s home.  I mailed it on the way to work and wondered if this was just an exercise in futility.

Just forty eight hours later, a lovely woman named Joyce, started talking to my Answering Machine.   I set a land speed record of jumping out of the chair, flying around the corner and grabbing the phone.   She was delighted that I wrote the letter and had just informed two of her neighbors that the Granddaughter of the original owners had inquired about the home.   We traded stories and laughter for almost an hour.   This delightful woman has been restoring the home to it’s former glory and I am so thrilled to have someone loving my “safe haven.”    She is more than eager for us to come up for a visit and I promised to bring pictures and newspapers clippings.   I will try and scan some photos so she can see what a treasure she now owns.   We ended our conversation with talk of dinner~~~we were both going to be eating the exact same meal.   I think Mema and Poppy were smiling last night.   Maybe they have been guiding her hands  in this restoration project.  Even the Ping Pong Court is  still there!!  

Thanks to my two good pals who encouraged me to do this.   I still have my doubts that this visit will come to pass, but I took the first step~~always the most difficult one~~and now I must be content to wait.  Thank you, Joyce. 





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