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I had this conversation a while ago.
Prospect. "I would like you to sell my house but when i bought it nobody told me that i needed a home inspection and there is mold in the basement"
Me "Really? Why you did not do a home inspection? "
Prospect "I it was for sale by owner, i don't think i need an agent for that so I just bought it"
Me "Okeey, then. So who gave you some advice for the sale of the house?"
Prospect "Advice? Well, I asked my uncle who knows about buying houses because he bought his a while ago"
Me (getting a bit worried at this point) "Fine, then, sooooo, what did you do with the mold problem?"
Prospect "I just put some kiltz and it's done, it looks ok to me now. But we want to sell the house because my son has lots of allergies and don't seem to get any better so we want something closer to the lake"
Me "Sir, have you ever checked the basement for mold or moisture?"
Prospect "No, why? Like i said the kiltz covers it very well"
Me "Sir, you have to disclose that to prospective buyers"
Prospect "No, I don't think so"

So I left.

Not funny.

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Pete Xavier
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Wow, I guess this owner really thinks they could slip this one by and just hope the potential buyer doesn't have an inspection.

Nothing but some real trouble!

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Jun 05, 2014 11:32 AM