Before Remodeling a New Home, Do an Energy Audit

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If you are buying your first home in Philadelphia with the intention of investing in renovations, then the first thing you should do before you commit to any remodeling projects is to perform an energy audit. An energy audit will allow you to see where you're losing energy throughout your home, thereby giving you the chance to improve the efficiency of your home during the remodeling process.


The best way to perform an energy audit is to hire a professional energy auditor. There are two major tests that an energy auditor will conduct on your home: a blower door test and an infrared camera test.


  • Blower door test – The blower door test helps to figure where air is leaking in and out of your home. This is done by closing all the windows and doors to your home except for the front door, onto which the blower door fan is placed. The blower door sucks out all the air in your home, thereby lowering the interior air pressure. The higher outdoor air pressure will cause air to leak into any openings and unsealed cracks around the home. The auditor will then use a smoke pencil to locate these leaks.
  • Infrared camera test – By looking through an infrared camera at your home, the energy auditor will be able to spot where heat is escaping from your home. Areas where larger amounts of heat are gathering and escaping outwards usually indicate a need for insulation.


Making sure that your home is energy efficient is an important renovation task. Otherwise, your home won’t be as comfortable as it could be, and it could cost you a substantial amount on your energy bills. Be sure to contact David T Brown for more advice on buying your first home in Philadelphia.


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