How Do Sellers Not Know How Little Effort Agents Put In?

Real Estate Agent with South Bay Brokers

I work in a very high end market in which the low end still means listings often starting in the $600,000s. Redondo Beach Esplanade townhomes As these are expensive homes with impressive commissions it just baffles me to see so many listings with terrible photos, non existant descriptions, and incorrect information.  What surprises me even more is that sellers either don't know that their homes are being marketed so unimpressively, or they just don't care.  

Multi million dollar homes with ocean views and the only photo is of a garage door.  $800,000 single family home that says it's great and the only photos are of the outside with a slightly different angle to each.  All homes deserve attention to detail and maxium effort and why sellers want to work with agents that put so little effort into the process is just amazing.

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