I Want to See That House... But That's Not My Agent's Listing

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A common misconception among buyers is to think they have to call the person whose name is on the sign in order to see a home that is listed.  Of course, nothing could be further from the truth and every agent knows that so why don't our buyers know that? 

Perhaps, too often, we Realtors forget that many buyers don't necessarily know "the obvious" especially with many first time buyers in the market for a home. Additionally, as the market has been on the upswing and we find ourselves busier and busier it's easy to slack off of educating our buyers on the basics... like, the fact that as a licensed Realtor you can show them any property in their state!

So in reality what do you need to do to assist your buyer in what they can expect and what you can offer? There is no substitute for adequate time spent in your initial Buyer’s Consultation. Tho’ the temptation is great to skip the “sit down” and just show them “what they want to see”, the hour or so spent in educating your buyer – even experienced buyers – and listening to their expectations will probably be the most valuable time spent.

Here's a quick review for those experienced in Buyer's Consultation and perhaps, an outline for those new to the process...

Basics of Buyer’s Consultation

 Realtor’s Role…

·        Explain the Buyer’s Agency Agreement

·        Present the “As your Realtor, I Can…”

·        Explain the Current Market

·        Explain the “Process from Search, to Contract, to Close”

·        Listen, Listen, Listen… Communicate, Communicate, Communicate


 Buyer’s Role…

·        Always start at the beginning – GET PRE-APPROVED

·        Based on Pre-approval & Finances, Set a Budget

·        Define Needs and Wants

·        Ask lots of questions

·        Listen to your Realtor


Just Remember... Happy Buyers make for Happy Realtors!


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Gerard Gilbers
Higher Authority Markeing - Asheboro, NC
Your Marketing Master

All great points! We need to spend time with our customers/clients and make sure they know the process and understand what agents do for whom!

Jun 06, 2014 01:57 AM