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Selling a Home in Piney Orchard

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If you're thinking of selling a home in Piney Orchard, we have some good news for you! The real estate market in Piney Orchard is as hot as it's ever been. Home values in Piney Orchard are up 18% since this time last year and some houses are selling in days, not weeks or months.

What is making the market so hot in Piney Orchard? If you haven't noticed the area around Odenton and Crofton has been experiencing a huge spur in development. New home builders and real estate developers are flocking to the area which has been voted best place to live in Anne Arundel County.

The economy near Piney Orchard is strong as well with tons of new businesses opening and an addition to Waugh Chapel shopping center in development right now. Home buyers from all over Anne Arundel are shopping in Piney Orchard for their next home because of the convenience, amenities and community.

If you're thinking of selling your home in Piney Orchard this year, sooner would be better. With all the new subdivisions popping up, and new home developments, the competition for Piney Orchard home buyers is increasing.

Although new homes are coming to the area, right now the amount of homes available for sale in Piney Orchard is falling. Less homes are coming on to the market and is helping to drive up prices, as there aren't enough homes to fill the buyers needs. Since the supply is so low, home buyers looking in Piney Orchard act quickly and are making strong offers on the homes they do find.

As of May 2014 the amount of homes in Piney Orchard available for sale can only fill the demand for about another month. If no new homes come on the market buyers won't have any inventory to shop after June. To Learn More About Piney Orchard, Check out our page onĀ Piney Orchard Real Estate. Contact us soon to discuss selling a home in Piney Orchard.

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