Buy local and know who you’re dealing with!

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Buy local and know who you’re dealing with!  Competition is a good thing and we have an abundance of it in East Texas. As the Real Estate market heats up we are seeing a familiar trend raring its head again. Builders from Dallas and other areas coming into our area to build. You see, when you deal with a local builder you know which ones pay their subs and suppliers and build a quality product. When we have builders coming in from smoking hot markets to build here, alarms start going off in my head and I ask why? Are they not doing a good job in their own market or are they trying to do a hit and run in our market? Or maybe both.


An out of town builder could not have paid his subs or suppliers or may build an inferior product, but you can’t verify it because he has no local track record. In Tyler and Longview we have great builders and of course we have the ones you would never send a customer to as well. So when a builder out of Dallas shows up talking a great game, I tend to look beyond the smoke and mirrors and start asking, where they’ve been and where they’ll be if my buyer needs help on a warranty issue. I find often the answer is not too satisfying.  


In conclusion, always try to buy local with local references from previous buyers and suppliers to make sure you’re getting what you really paid for. Don’t be a victim of a smooth pitch and a hit and run approach.


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