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 With MAPS 290, you’re not only getting a software program, you are getting a proven-method.

 First of all, when I say proven, I mean every homeowner I have offered this free service wanted this information and accepted what the report had to show.  Changes were made according to the summary, each home had an offer that was acceptable in a very short period of time.  Most homeowners spent less than $100 on their home for improvements or adjustments to their home.  Some homeowners opted to lower their listing price which was suggested by this program.  Each one sold and all were pleased with the outcome.

 You are providing valuable information to the homeowner BEFORE they list.  This allows both you and the homeowner to make an informed decision about when and how to market their home.

This is my proven method:

 To begin with, I love knocking on doors.  I get to meet people face to face and they remember me when we meet in the local stores.  Something phone calls don’t allow.  When I knock on an expired door, I usually hear that they had an unpleasant experience with another realtor and are not interested.  Maybe the realtor listed the home and never came back, or did not actively market their home.  I understand their frustration.  But I am not there necessarily to list their home, I haven’t gotten that far yet.  (I would never list a home I could not sell).  I need to do a Home Score to see how likely their home will move on the market.  Now I have shown them how pro-active I am, even before the listing.  That is my first step. 

Now I’m inside talking to the homeowner.  We chat for a few minutes about how long they have lived there, why are they moving, etc.  I am getting their motivation for moving.  Since I score the outside first, I go outside with my laptop and look around.  I am making mental notes to add later.  I’m not actually using my laptop, I just don’t want to leave it alone.  Remember I just met this person. 


Back inside I can score the outside of the home.  This will make total sense when you start.  It’s hard to see a laptop screen out doors.  Now I walk thru the home looking at every wall, floor, window sill, electrical outlet, etc.  I score floor by floor.  I make notes in Word before I leave.  I also fill out the notes in the Summary sheet.  The summary sheet is given to the homeowner, but I need extra notes in Word so I will remember the suggestions I will provide.



I return later in the day, or the next day, whichever we agree to.  I give the homeowner the summary sheet ONLY and using my notes I go over their scores, why they scored high and why they scored low.  I offer suggestions on how to improve their score if they want it higher.

I also work with the same title company on all my deals, so they give me a preliminary report on all my homes, even before I list.  This is also valuable information to the homeowner, you want no surprises after you have an offer.

You will find what works for you, every realtor works differently.  This is working for me and I hope you will use this as a guide for your first few times until you find your click.  I hope this was not too elementary in content, just wanted to explain how this works in detail.  You may approach the homeowner totally different for your area, that’s ok.

April 2013 I started RE after 26 years in Engineering.  I developed this program after seeing a need to offer homeowners more information up front, on the prospects of listing their home.  One realtor I heard tell a homeowner, “Oh there’s a 90% chance I could sell your home”.  Really?  Where did you get that number?  I like numbers too, but I need proof.  Show me in writing my chances of selling.  That is why I spent over a year implementing this program.  And it works!  Within 6 months of my first year in RE, I was top producer for my company and selling million dollar homes.  Not bad.


On our website, under the Realtor Tab, there is a document you can download.  It is a summary with my notes to the homeowner.  It is an example for you, but yes, the homeowner lowered her price because of the score and immediately received an accepted offer.  Something she was unwilling to do before the score.  But sometimes that is what it takes.



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Pete Xavier
Investments to Luxury - Pacific Palisades, CA
Outstanding Agent Referrals-Nationwide


Very interesting product, I will check more into MAPS 290 soon.


Jun 06, 2014 11:48 AM
MAPS 290
MAPS 290

Pete, thank you and if you have any questions please let me know.  I hope you look at the Free tab, there is a game board I designed for your buyers packet.  Feel free to customize it to your needs.  Enjoy!  Gwen

Jun 06, 2014 11:55 AM