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Has any other stagers out there ever felt like their a home stager / counseller?

I recently did a few consultations for different clients and felt like I was not only a home stager but a counseller as well. Going through their homes in such detail (opening closets and cupboards etc.) and getting to know them on a personal level creates a bond. It also I find causes people to tell me things that are very personal and sometimes discussions ensue about issues in life....

People tend to open up about their personal lives and I've had a few people cry (not over anything I've done) and alot laugh - I never know what to expect.

I forget sometimes how emotional it is for some people. It's always good to remeber and be aware of the clients situation. Whether it be move to a bigger home, moving because they can't afford the present one, or anything else. I always stay positive and point out the new and exciting things to come in their new home.

It's sometimes listening to the clients and helping them let go of their current home and reminding them that a new home is right around the corner.

It's a job that is very personal and I think if you look beyond the "job" and really pay attention to the client's situation you can offer advice and hopefully help them make the emotional move as well as the physical one.

Your comments are welcomed and I look forward to hearing your stories.

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Terrylynn Fisher
Dudum Real Estate Group - BuyStageSell.com - Walnut Creek, CA
HAFA Certified, EcoBroker, CRS, CSP Realtor, Etc.
That is precisely why women so dominate real estate, they are really good at the counsellor part.  We are so lucky to become part of the family for a period of time, they are vulnerable at this time, show their warts and good stuff and we are intricately part of their life.  We are honored with this trust and should always be aware of it so as to treat this as the honor it is and respect it.  And, of course, confidentiality is of the utmost importance.  The earlier in your career you understand this, the better your business will be.  So, you are a wise woman Kim
Mar 26, 2008 07:48 PM
Maureen Maureen
Orangeburg, NY
When I began staging I really did not have a clear picture of the dark side of real estate.  I had no idea that most of my clients would be going through a divorce, death in the family, bankruptcy etc.  Now compound these stressful times with the financial pressure and you have desperate people.  I would say that majority of the people I come in contact with through staging have really sad stories.  It definitely helps to have a sympathetic ear.   
Mar 27, 2008 12:36 AM
Kim Suecroft - Hanson
Restage Inc. - Calgary, AB

Thanks Terrylynn - I think your right on the money with your comments.


Mar 27, 2008 02:29 AM
Kim Suecroft - Hanson
Restage Inc. - Calgary, AB

Sometimes after bedoming so emotionally vested in a clients life I want know how they're doing later on and actually have kept in contact with a good number of clients.

 I also try and follow up as much as possible after and make sure I can answer any questions or just to give a word of encouragement.


Mar 27, 2008 02:31 AM
Heather Chotard
In Style - Edmonton, AB

The only time I felt a counselling session coming on, was a phone call from a potential client. "Hi how much does staging cost, yadda yadda" So I said, "Is the home vacant or occupied" "Wellll if I can ever get my ex husband out of there, it would be vacant!"

Ummm yes sorry, I am fully booked for the next 6 weeks. No Thanks, Life is too short to be in the middle of that one!


Mar 27, 2008 02:39 AM
Kathy Riggle
Houston Home Staging

Hi Kim-

Maybe because I am a grandma, but alot of homeowners (men included) confide details during the staging consultation.  I can sometimes tailor my services better to suit their needs, and have exchanged many emails with a few clients that needed more of a personal touch.


Mar 27, 2008 07:35 AM
Home Staging
Showhomes - Nashville, TN

Hey - women aren't the only ones with good listening skills -

Having the communication skills and patience to be fully present for your clients always makes them closer. Selling homes is very personal as you are often dealing with someone's largest financial investment and their 'life.'

I always take some time to catch my breath and try to understand what it must feel like to be in their shoes...

If people like you, they'll often find a way to do business with you!

Mar 27, 2008 08:00 AM
Cindy Bryant
Redesign Etc. Home Staging - Houston, TX
"Houston Home Staging Pros"
I have been shocked at some of the questions have asked, and advice they have wanted about their personal lives.  The ones that know I'm a Psch major, call me "The Dr. Phil of Home Staging".
Mar 27, 2008 11:59 AM
Bernice Dubon
RE/MAX First 403-607-9117 - Calgary, AB
Calgary Alberta Realtor

When a person decides to sell their home, it almost always comes as a result of a major life change.  Getting Married, New Baby On the Way, Another new Baby on the Way, Divorce, the Kids are moving out, and sadly Death.  These are the big steps we take in life.  In the Real Estate industry, we have to remember that we are not dealing with industry, we're playing a part in people's lives.  It's a privilege and a huge responsibility.  More than just the packing boxes should be marked "Handle with Care." 

As a Realtor, when someone asks me to come to their house to do a home evaluation, I ask them to show me their favorite places and features of the home.  It's not long before we're talking about how all of the kids in the neighbourhood would show up at "our house" to "hang out."  Or "That's where we used to put the Christmas Tree."  Families grow up in these houses.  It's no wonder it's so difficult to leave a home behind.

This aspect took me by surprise as well.  One might think Real Estate is all about houses and property values.  It's much more about personal values, and what it takes to feel at home.

Bernice Dubon, Royal LePage Solutions in Calgary Alberta




Apr 30, 2009 06:56 PM