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50 Helpful Hints for your next Showing or Open House

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Here are a couple of tips for the next time your showing a home or hosting an Open House!

  1. A neat and tidy fron lawn is important. Cut the grass and trim the hedges and shrubs.
  2. Plant extra flowers for color or put containers filled with blooming flowers near the front door. 
  3. Spruce up your landscaping with fresh or rearranged plants.
  4. Remove all the dead limbs and debris. Rake the lawn and sweep the sidewal and driveway. Patch any holes.
  5. Repair and paint or stain your fence.
  6. Put away lawn equipment and arrange outoor items neatly. 
  7. Clean, stain or paint your front door. Check to see if the garage or back doors need any work.
  8. Paint window sashes, trim and shutters to freshen up your homes exterior. 
  9. Replace faded house numbers with shiny new brass ones.
  10. Repaint, realign and clean out the gutters.
  11. Repaint or replace your old mailbox.
  12. Check the roof, repairing or replacing shingles where needed. 
  13. Fix broken windows or screens. 
  14. Make sure the entry light and doorbell work properly. 
  15. Clean out the garage. 
  16. Clean thoroughly. A clean house sells easier than a dirtier house. 
  17. Put high intensity light bulbs in every lamp. Turn them on before your home shows to give your home a friendly glow. 
  18. Brighten things inexpensively with a fresh coat of paint in nuetral or buyer friendly shades.
  19. Consider repainting woodwork instead of hanging new wallpaper.
  20. Move out all your excess furniture to make rooms seem as spacious as possible. 
  21. Clean your closets to make them look bigger. Store off-season clothes to get rid of the excess. 
  22. Hold a garage sale and use money for home improvement expenses.
  23. Wash all windows and mirrors.
  24. Have carpets cleaned. If it is too worn, consider replacing it- you may not entirely recover the cost, but your home may sell faster.
  25. Launder or dry clean drapes and curtains as needed.
  26. Clear small appliances, dish racks and other items off kitchen counters to make counters look more spacious. 
  27. Clean and reorganize kitchen cabinets. 
  28. Clean the oven and all appliances, wiping up grease splatters and polishing chrome surfaces. 
  29. Put a plant or fresh flowers on the kitchen counter.
  30. Polish and clean the tub, toilet and bathroom sink. 
  31. Clean tile grout, regrouting if necessary. 
  32. Buy a new shower curtain- you can always take it with you when you move. 
  33. Put out fresh towels and new soap when house is to be shown.
  34. Clean the furnace and air conditioner. Turn on the one appropriate to the season to make your home comfortable. 
  35. Fix all little things that you have lived with- like loose doorknobs, drawer pulls, towel racks, etc.
  36. Tack down loose molding and glue any lifted wallpaper. Replace cracked switch plates. 
  37. Fix sticking and doors and windows, squeaking doors and wobbly banisters. 
  38. Fix leaky faucets and remove water stains. 
  39. Spray for insects well in advance of an open house, so the odor has time to clear.
  40. Give your home a welcoming aroma: make fresh baked bread or heat cinnamon sticks in water on the stove.
  41. Make sure that all pets are secured and not able to obstruct showings. 
  42. Turn off the televisions, stereo and radio to eliminate showings. 
  43. Turn on all lights; including the outside entrace light; even in the daytime. 
  44. Put out your best towels and a nice tablecloth.
  45. Do not be home during an open house. Your absence will put buyers at ease and give them a chance to spend more time looking at your home. 
  46. Be polite but avoid conversations with prospective buyers. You sales associate needs to command their attention. 
  47. Keep your home on the market and let your sales associate show the house frequently.
  48. Do not show your home to people who just drop by. They may not be qualified buyers.
  49. Keep your home ready to be shown while it is on the market. Be prepared. 
  50. Do not apologize for the appearance or condition of your home. 

There you are! Some tips to help your sellers improve their home before going on the market and before Open Houses and Showings!


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