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Education & Training with Flat Rate Web Jobs

Right now, the news is talking about major bank failure coming our way.  I believe the news. 

I also believe that there will be a few loan officers in the right places that will continue to profit and grow and get...downright rich.  Brian Brady is one of them, that no matter what the market throws at him, he will do great.

What Can I Do To Survive The Future?

The #1 thing that LOs (and realtors) need to be doing is having multiple sources of leads and loans.  One method--effective in the past--can't be the sole source of income for you and your family.  One method can't be the only thing you do.

I suggest a balanced approach with:

  • Prospecting
  • Apartment Marketing
  • CORRECT blogging (i.e. not saying 'now is a great time to buy ad infunitium)
  • Networking
  • Reaching out to other pros.

 as core components.   I'll be going over the different things that we can be doing to get leads today.  

 Also: I'm looking for a few good bloggers that are new to contibute to my (outside of AR) blog: new market survival guide.

 Contact me if you're interested.