There has never been a better time to buy real estate!

Real Estate Broker/Owner with RE/MAX Leading Edge Realty

I have been in this business since 1979 and have experienced 4 market cycles in just about 30 years in Central Florida. Up until now, Florida has been blessed and somewhat immue from devaluation in property prices.

Today....The Sunshine State is glutted with homes for sale and prices are falling verses appreciating. This opens the door for buyers and investors alike to have an opportunity to buy at 2003-2004 prices and to wait for a time for the market to recoup and gain momemtum again.  We will see apprecaition again, probably sooner verses later because the State offers a wonderful climate, beautiful beaches, and great corporate business opportunities.

West Volusia County in particular is a great opportunity because its a great bedroom community to Orlando and Daytona Beach offerring attractive prices and a variety of lifestyles. 20 minutes to the beach 5 minutes from the St John's river. Acarage is still affordable!

 The message of the day is don't wait, buy today! There are some great homes for sale! Foreclosures abound, Prices are down, interest rates are low and sellers are motivated. Opportunity Knocks! Call us today to show you why!

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