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East Amherst Homes For Sale & Market Update - June 2014

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East Amherst Homes For Sale & Market Update - June 2014

Find property details and photo for Homes For Sale in East Amherst at www.wnyrehome.com.  All property information is generated from the local Multiple Listing Service (MLS).  Listings are updated a few times daily and you have access to all homes in the area!
Which one of these East Amherst Homes For Sale will you home?

How Are Things Looking in East Amherst?


The seller's market in Western NY has not stopped and homes for sale in East Amherst are no exception!  Last summer there was roughly a $60-65k gap between the median list price and sold price in East Amherst.  About 6 months ago, that all changed and home sellers couldn't be happier!  While list prices have been slightly up and down over the past few months, the declining inventory (number of homes on sale) has caused home buyers to start offering more on homes.  June 2014  we see the median list price and sold price are just about even.  

Will home buyers start paying even more?

Homes for sale in East Amherst are being listed for just about $300 currently and selling for just about asking.  Homes are only lasting on the market for about a month before being scooped up.  96 may look like a lot of homes for sale but compared to the number of buyers out there... you should contact your local real estate agent today to start looking for that new home.

Thinking About Selling Your Home in East Amherst?

With homes sales on the rise, is it time for you to start thinking about selling your East Amherst home?  Contact me today for a FREE home valuation tomorrow.  Home valuations are generated based on current homes for sale and sold homes in your area that similar to yours.  Call me for a complimentary estimate and tips that will help you sell your home faster and for top dollar!

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