The Most Walkable Neighborhoods In Colorado Springs

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Walkable neighborhoods in Colorado SpringsThere are a handful of fantastically walkable neighborhoods in Colorado Springs, a city that's mostly dominated by cars.

I love helping buyers buy in these walkable Colorado Springs neighborhoods because I'm confident they will be great places to live long into the future and that they will appreciate faster than less walkable areas of the city as more people increasingly value walkability.

I also love helping sellers sell their houses in the most walkable neighborhoods in Colorado Springs because they're incredibly marketable.


Walkability and character go hand-in-hand

The most walkable neighborhoods in Colorado Springs aren't just convenient, laid-back neighborhoods, they're also filled with great architectural character and greater sense of community than you'll find in the rest of our mostly suburban city.


So where are these walkable neighborhoods?   

Downtown Colorado Springs has walkbaility scores ranging from 75 to 90. It's a great neighborhood. There isn't a lot of residential development there yet, but it's coming. Several developers have announced appartment projects. There are also homes nearby to the east and in The Old North End.

Old Colorado City is rich with history, vibrancy and character. Most of teh houses were built in the early 1900s. Some are stately Victorians, while others are little miners' cabins.

Gold Hill Mesais a new infill development just west of Downtown and east of Old Colorado City. The neighborhood is walkable and has a good community feel. While there isn't a lot of commercial development within walking distance yet, there will be within the next few years. The developer is preparing to start commercial development soon.

Manitou Springs is an ecclectic little mountain town just to the west of Colorado Springs. You'll get a work out hiking up and down the hills, but your never more than a few minutes on foot from a cold beer here.

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Amanda, the walkable neighborhoods in DC are in the old, historical parts of the city.  Character galore!

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