Smart Landscaping Adds Curb Appeal to Byrd Park Area in Richmond VA

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Smart landscaping adds plenty of curb appeal to Byrd Park area neighborhoods in Richmond VA 


Lately I've noticed one of my neighbors on our block especially putting a lot of effort into to beautifying his front yard in our Byrd Park vicinity neighborhood in Richmond VA.  I've noticed that he and his spouse even carried away some soil last week wrapped in a large sheet.  It appears to be a very enjoyable family activity at his home.  


A lot of other homes have attractive front yards in our area.  Actually, several neighbors lately have put a lot of work into their front yards, and it really helps add curb appeal to our Byrd Park area neighborhood.  Also, even just adding a few potted plants are a great way to help add attraction to an urban home!


Having some attractive shrubs and flowers adds curb appeal to our Byrd Park area neighborhood.

 Having some attractive potted plants and shrubs adds curb appeal for many Byrd Park area homes.


Adding curb appeal offers an extension to home improvement


Since our particular area is surrounded by other adjacent or nearby neighborhoods like Carytown, the Fan District, the Boulevard Historic District and the Museum District, we really get a lot of pedestrian traffic.  One example of this sidewalk foot traffic happens almost every July 4th holiday.  People walk through our neighborhood to get to the fireworks displays at nearby Dogwood Dell in Byrd Park.  


By boosting curb appeal with some attractive arranging of plants, a type of home improvement really is happening.  Being a highly pedestrian friendly area, people really do notice the front yards in our neighborhood as extensions of the home.  Curb appeal can involve more than just giving a fresh coat of paint to a home.  After all, what Richmond VA single family home would be complete without some landscaping to go with it?


Some hydrangeas really helped add more curb appeal to this Byrd Park area home.

 Some white hydrangeas as shown above really helped enhance curb appeal at this home.


Many #RVA homes in our area were built in the first 35 years of the 20th century.  Most of the homes on my block happen to be built in the 1920s, so a lot of home improvement actually becomes necessary over time.  However, my neighbors have been doing more than simply replacing or repairing their roofs.  For example, some have built small additions to their homes or had the entire exteriors of their homes repainted.


Having curb appeal along with attractive landscaping helps homes sell faster


According to an online resource from the National Association of Realtors called HouseLogic, homes having curb appeal along with attractive landscaping on average sell faster and at higher prices than homes without significant curb appeal.  In other words, prospective home buyers do notice curb appeal when looking at potential Byrd Park area homes to purchase.  One HouseLogic tip to remember is to trim overgrown bushes and trees and cut down ones that happen to be dead or diseased.


Landscaping smaller urban yards can be an enjoyable activity for many


Since our neighborhood has smaller urban yards, landscaping can be relatively easy.  Landscaping---and by extension, gardening---actually can be a rewarding activity.  I've found that simply planting some perennial flower seeds in the spring can be very rewarding, and often reap the rewards of many more years of seasonal enjoyment!


Zinnias planted at home planted from seeds are very lush this year.

Zinnias planted from seeds in my front yard look very lush this year and offer added curb appeal.


When are you looking to buy or sell a home offering great curb appeal in the Byrd Park area or elsewhere in Richmond VA?  Call me today, and let's get started exploring your options! 


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