Scammed and frustrated

Real Estate Agent with Lang McLaughry & Spera

On December 20 of last year I received an email from proporting to be working with NAR and REBAC to develop it's website.  It sounded like a good website and offer, of course, with many benefits.  So although I have a website and figure the more coverage the better, I signed up for one quarter.  The next day I get an email from REBAC telling me neither they nor NAR are involved in the website.  The only method of contact with the website was in the "contact me" section so I wrote telling them to cancel as they had misrepresented their product.  There was a three day right of recission and I wrote within that time.  There was no response to my email and lo and behold the charge shows up on my credit card bill.  On the bill was a phone number which I tried to call and, gee surprise, it was disconnected. Last week they again charged my credit card, again only one way to contact them was through email, which I did.  Again no response.

My hope is no one else was dumb enough to fall for this scam.  My only hope seems to be to cancel the credit card since they have my info.  The credit card company is working on it but the wheels turn slowly.

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