How to prevent falling in love with the wrong home in Fairfax, VA

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Currently I am working with a client that is interested in purchasing a rental property in Fairfax, Virginia.  Our search started in the school district of Robinson Secondary School and Woodson High School. Looking for a home that tenants would fall in love with in Fairfax Virginia.

Fairfax,Virginia is a large area with 3 zip codes, covering 33.1 square miles, and at least 112,000 people living within these zip codes. Targeting two specific neighborhoods can be challenging to compare the differences and try to obtain the best of both worlds. It is really next to impossible to get everything in two different properties. No two properties are a like. There will always be pros and a cons in each residence.

As a buyer, you will end up choosing the property that has more pros than the other property based on your needs. This is how you fall in love with the right home in Fairfax Virginia.

Also when targeting school district such as a high school which will cover many elementary schools and middle schools, as well as many subdivisions and multiple cities. As an example Woodson High School district contains neighborhoods in Annandale Virginia. 

You may find the perfect home with the majority of your needs met and discover that home is located in another city. Your children will be able to attend your High School of choice; however, you are now left with the option of choosing a different city or back to searching for another home.

You may ask why would I need to search for another home. I can change cities and be fine. For some consumes that may be fine. Then others are not fine with changing the city. A buyer needs to know if the city is part of the falling in love with this home in Fairfax Virginia. Home prices within Woodson High School district tend to be on average less than home prices in Robinson Secondary School district. More than likely due to a lower cost of living in Annandale compared to Fairfax. 

If you are thinking about return on investment, like my client since this will be leased property. This real estate purchase is simply a savings account. It will be beneficial to have the property located in Fairfax Virginia and preferably a property withing the Robinson Secondary School district since that school district gets better value.

This is where the phrase next to impossible to get everything in two different properties makes sense. It will be very difficult to demand the same value of a home sold in Woodson High School district that would be received in Robinson Secondary School. When my client mentioned the two school districts immediately stated Robinson home values are high and  I explained why. When working with a real estate agent this is key. It will prevent falling in love with the wrong home in Fairfax Virginia.

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Thank you for reading this post. Misstie Pollard is a Realtor® Licensed in Virginia with Long & Foster Realtors. Misstie is also a Mobile Loan Closer with a title producers license in Virginia, her company is Capturing Signatures LLC.

She is anask meAmbassador; which provides Misstie with tools to assist consumers with deciding when is the right time to buy, sell, refinance, or rent a home in Northern Virginia.  Please contact Misstie regarding the local Northern VA Housing Market.

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