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Rockland County Real Estate LLC:    Becoming a First Time Homeowner? Search Here for Nanuet Homes For Sale.  Read these important Home Safety tips first.



                              First Time Homeowners: Smoke Detectors

First Time Homeowners are more likely to file homeowners insurance claims than well-established homeowners.  Real Estate agents often educate clients on the home BUYING process but usually the education ends there.  In addition to selling Real Estate, I also service Homeowners Insurance.  First Time Homeowners should further educate themselves on House Maintenance and Safe Living.


Some Basic tips to do IMMEDIATELY after moving into your new home...

Place this phone number on the fridge: Nanuet Fire Department 845-623-9690


Smoke Detectors.

              To close on a New York home, Functional smoke detectors must be present.

But Smoke detectors are only as useful as their batteries.  REPLACE batteries immediately.  Do not just check that they currently work. They may work now but might notwork in a month.  Change batteries now and consistently every 6 months to ensure they ALWAYS work.


Don't assume the prior owner located the smoke detectors effectively.   I ask people why smoke detectors are located in certain places and the usual response is "that's where they were when we moved in"

Place smoke detectors near rooms with major appliances,  (People often forget Laundry Rooms) and near fireplaces.


And Most Importantly...Outside bedrooms.What good are smoke detectors all the way across the house if you cant hear them while you sleep??


This is an amazing time to be a First Time Homeowner.  Contact me about homes for sale in Nanuet.


Shop Wisely and Live Safely.


Michael Truiano

First Time Home Buyers Consultant

Licensed Insurance Agent



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Angela Fish Chan
Rockland County Real Estate LLC - Nanuet, NY
Licensed Real Estate Broker Owner

Great post Mike.  Good info.



Mar 27, 2008 01:52 PM