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      OK, so I am writing to point you to another blog, as this is my first entry on this blog. The other blog is my Free credit counseling blog at:http://freecreditcounselingblog.typepad.com/creditcounseling/, I am not a realtor but rather an excellent source of support to realtors and mortgage brokers and other professionals. I specialize in Credit Restoration, debt settlement programs and debt management programs. In other words, helping others to rejoin the world of wise credit users and also allowing the indebted to become self empowered. Please feel free to visit my main blog and website at: american debt enders. The counseling is always free.
Charles G. Hennebeul
Steve really knows his stuff which is why I use him for my customers.  There is NEVER a question that Steve doesn't have an answer to!
Apr 14, 2008 10:28 AM