Smooth Negotiations - Fortune Cookie Friday

Real Estate Agent
Negotiations move along smoothly.  The outcome is favorable!

Hallelujah!  If you're a real estate agent, this little cookie paper is music to your ears.

My favorite real estate transaction is when the buyer offers exactly what the seller wants, the inspection report is spotless and the buyers financing goes off without a hitch.  You know... in a perfect world...  But it isn't a perfect world and hiccups do happen.

Although it's been a strong seller's market in my area for a quite some time, my challenge is getting buyers to understand and accept this.  So offers are (absurdly) low and inspection repair requests are pushing it sometimes.

Those hiccups aside, I can safely say my past few transactions have had smooth negotiations with both parties responding rather than reacting.  And sometimes, that's all it takes to make a HUGE difference.

Here's to more smooth negotiations!

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