Chefs On Fire: Vermont Cuisine With An Open Flame

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Vermont's culinary arts are being hailed as some of the best in the Northeast, if not the nation, as many newspapers will tell you - and as tastebuds are confirming! Award-winning restaurants and varieties of microbrews are as commonplace as our maple trees, but no less treasured for their everyday abundance.

Vermont chefs are heating up, in more ways than one. Trail-blazing Vermont chefs like Eric Warnstedt (of the critically acclaimed Hen of the Wood eatery) are straying from high-tech culinary tools and masterfully wielding man's original technology: Fire. The results are indescribably delicious.



A rising number of top Vermont restaurants are using wood-fired indoor grills and ovens to give flame-kissed food those inimitable licks of Vermont woodsmoke. Wild like our mountains, it ignites excitement in patrons and chefs alike while also enveloping all in a sense of warmth and welcome in a way that's difficult to replicate with other means.

The practice of cooking with wood requires a surprising amount of skill, though many Vermont chefs are  relishing its intriguing and ironic simplicity. Like any masterful artist, Vermont chefs enjoy the new challenge - and especially the flavors. We do too! Philip Clayton, Chef-Partner of Guild & Company Steakhouse in South Burlington Vermont is quoted as saying, "It's as important as the beef."

Speaking of beef - hundreds of local Vermont farms and farmer's markets stock top Vermont restaurants with organic produce and meats of impeccable quality; so when you're eating on the town, you're not just enjoying some of the finest culinary experiences to be had - you're also supporting local farmers and the hills themselves.


More top restaurants that are unlocking the secrets of cooking with wood include Nika, Table 24, and Worthy Kitchen.

See you at the table!


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