Let's Break it Down: Curb Appeal

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Curb Appeal.

Google defines it as the attractiveness of the exterior of a residential or commercial property, as viewed from the street. That is true. People will buy the house if they like the way it looks!

People probably won't buy a house that has a couple of shingles missing, or a bad paint job, or broken mailbox. 

Well actually, there's this new thing called flipping houses... 

Yeah! People will buy those houses that need a little extra coat of paint or a wall to be broken down. But that's not the intention you should go in with listing a house. 

So how can you help your curb appeal?

Here are a couple of ways how:

  1. Maybe start off with a fresh coat of paint! You can paint the outside of the house! If you have bricks, I would recommend keeping the actual brick and not painting over it. It looks better with the actual brick color! Maybe pressure wash the brick to make it look cleaner! Remember to get it cleared by the Homeowners Association!
  2. Replace that old mailbox! If you have an old ratty mail box that looks like [and might have actually] it's been run over by a car, you might want to consider replacing it! Before you do that though, look into your local post office and homeowners association's rule. 
  3. Let the numbers show. Paint the curb with the home numbers! Put it on the door! On the side of the house even! Wherever the numbers would show best, get some numbers from your local craft store, or your local Hardware Store! Nail them down and its as easy as that!

The options are endless! Try some out next time you find a listing that use some help!

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