Crime Rates and how they are important

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Sugar Land, TX. 

Where the rich are. 

That's pretty much what people think when they hear Sugar Land. 

Or... Do you guys sell a lot of candy?

Let's just address that question, we sell as much candy as any other town in the United States.

The amount of times I have gotten that question.. is just sad. 

Anyways, when we think about Sugar Land, TX we never really think about major crime scandals!

Which is really good! But we have our share of crimes here in Sugar Land. 

Actually, we are only safer than 45% of the cities in the United States. 

1 in 761 people may become a victim of a crime. But Texas, overall is 1 in 245 people. 

Most of our crimes are Assault with robbery very close by. 

Now, I'm not telling you this to scare you away from a beautiful city, like Sugar Land. 

I'm trying to show the importance of researching where you want to live! And as Realtors, we must also be aware of the statistics, when we're trying to inform our clients and consumers about a city that they might be interested in. Crime is everywhere. We honestly can't avoid it. Which is sad. But, we can be informed about it. To take more precautionary actions. 

Regardless of where we live, we must all be cautious of our surroundings! Crime rates just help us put our towns into perspective. 

So next time you are dealing with new clients from a different city, maybe give them a couple of facts and tips about the crime.


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