York's Got It Going On & Here's Why

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As we get further and further into summer, it's becoming quite clear that Maine is in for a beautiful one! Not just weather wise, but also in the real estate market. And York is a perfect example of this! Real estate transaction volume was up 5% this quarter, compared to last year, and median real estate prices were up 14%. We think that this means really great things are in store for this area, and Southern Maine!


And why shouldn't it be? York is a beautiful and fun place to call home, with various tourist attractions and things to do, all year round! From York's beaches to the coolest Animal Kingdom you're sure to see in Maine, you and your family can have a lifetime of fun.


If you want to know more about York, visit Herrigel Kennedy's site or drop us a line at herrigelkennedy@gmail.com. Whether you want to know more about York, or you're just curious about the area, we can help you out!

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