Call Before You Dig

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Ok, you have decided to do some improvements to your property. These improvements will require digging using mechanized equipment. The first question you should ask yourself – are there utilities located in the place I am going to dig. If so, how do I find out about them and their location?

In Connecticut, the answer is to contact the non-profit organization called “Call Before You Dig”. This organization provides a free service to homeowners and professional contractors. It is comprised of public utility companies and municipalities within the state. It is also require by law to notify this organization prior to the commencing of a construction project.

Their telephone number is 1-800-922-4455.

Their web address is

This organization will send out a representative from each affected utility company to mark the location of their underground utilities with paint and/or flags. Privately installed lines will not be marked. The color paint or flag they usually use is the following:

  • Yellow for gas, oil or petroleum
  • Red for electric
  • Blue for water
  • Orange for communication, telephone and/or cable
  • Green for sewer
  • Purple for reclaimed water
  • White for proposed excavation
  • Pink for temporary survey

For further information contact Call Before You Dig and the contractors involved.

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