A Night On The Farm In Vermont!

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Vermont farms are not just hubs of activity for conservation and organic agriculture, they're also a booming part of the Vermont hospitality industry!



It all began in the 1800's - when a weary traveler found himself at the end of a very long day without a hotel. A kind farmer offered him shelter for the night, and the visitor awoke to a delicious farm breakfast. In the blink of an eye, the Vermont farm bed & breakfast industry was born!

For over a 100 years, Vermont's farms have continued to open their doors to visitors from all over the globe, and reservations are in high demand.


Farm stays typically include very comfortable accommodations and amenities in a centuries-old farmhouse, followed by enormous family-styled breakfasts of pancakes, home-grown hash-browned potatoes, and farm-fresh eggs.

After replenishments, you'll be welcomed to experience the richness of farm life first hand - milking a gentle dairy cow, tending to eager sheep, or hand-picking organic apples and strawberries! 


All the while, you'll be swathed in some of the most beautiful scenery in the world - and surrounded by the faces of new friends.

Why wait? Check out the list of Vermont farms that take guests on www.vtfarms.org!

Sandiwood Farm has a beautiful website, found at http://sandiwoodfarm.com. Sandi offers freshly-harvested farm meals, organic seedlings for your own gardening adventures, event catering, a wedding venue, renting Sandiwood farm for events, special services, maple syrup, and internships! In the photo below, delighted patrons eat a farm-fresh meal under a glowing tent at Sandi's farm. (Photo credit to Sandi & Sandiwood Farm to all the beautiful photographs in this post!)


A night out on the town in Burlington Vermont is always exciting. In Vermont, we have more than just a night out on the town - we have nights out on the farm, too!

Here's to toasting over a farm-fresh meal under a banner of summer stars, surrounded by friends, candle light, and hand-picked flowers. We'll see you at the table!

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