DFW Housing Facts #1 Everybody Loves Dallas

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DFW Housing Facts #1 Dallas Texas was rated as the number one fastest growing city in the entire country in 2007. How is that for a booming real estate market report in the middle of the media melt-down.

Sometimes it is hard to find the true facts about the house market from CBS, NBC, and ABC television. Radio is somewhat better. I found this particular report on CNN money section

Warren Buffet taught me one proven fact that the best time to buy is when everyone is scared. I believe that this principal applies to real estate in TX at this time.

By the way, when I say Dallas - I collectively also include Fort Worth and Arlington. Other top growing cities include Houston, Austin, and San Antonio. Infact 8 out of the 10 fastest growing cities are in the South. So I guess mainstream media is only researching California and Florida housing markets when they scare everyone with every doom and gloom report on television.

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