Money best spent? – Getting your home ready to sell

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Money best spent? – Getting your home ready to sell
A common question I get asked from potential sellers is “What should I do to sell my home?  Put money into the kitchen?  Bathrooms?”  While upgraded kitchens and baths are great selling points, they do not prevent the sale of a home.  There are other areas that your money is better spent.  So when I get asked this question I give this answer:
There are 3 things I advise to spend your money on before putting your home on the market:
                #1 Purchase a Home Inspection from a reputable local inspector.  They range in price from $300-400 depending on size. They will tell you anything that may need repair or replacing.  I advise to take care of anything that is “health and safety” issues and any other repairs that you decide.
                #2 Purchase a Pest Inspection.  They range from $100-200.  A Pest inspector will show you any dry rot or termite damage, amongst other things.  The inspection report will break down Section 1 and Section 2 items.  Section 1 contains items where visible evidence of active infestation (termites, beetles, etc.) or infection (wood decay fungi) were found.  Section 2 contains items where a condition exists that is "deemed likely" to lead to infestation or infection.   This way you are well aware of anything that needs repair and you can take care of it. 
                #3 Purchase a Roof Inspection & Clearance.  This report ranges from $50 to $100 plus the clearance price, generally $200. An Inspector will check out the roof and gutters and make sure there are no damaged areas or potential leaks.  The certification is a statement of opinion by a licensed roofer that deems the roof has a life expectancy of X amount of years.

Purchasing these three reports will cost $650 - 900, plus the cost of any repairs that need to be made.  This is money well spent for a seller because I have seen deals fall apart because of what is found during inspections.  I have never seen anything fall apart because of a brand new kitchen.  Having these inspections done prior to putting your home on the market will give buyers a good feeling that they won’t have to put possibly $1000’s into repairs after buying a new home.  Keep in mind that most buyers will order their own reports and all inspectors are different, but major problems should not come up.  In my opinion, the money spent here is the best money spent getting your home ready to sell.

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