Bunnyhop Bike Shop Helps Give Oregon Hill Homes More Travel Options

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Bunnyhop Bike Shop Helps Give Richmond Virginia's Oregon Hill Homes More Travel Options


Bunnyhop Bike Shop definitely offers people residing in Oregon Hill homes more travel options.  When is the last time you rode a bicycle?  Just be honest.  Well, it's been quite a while for me.  However, Bunnyhop Bike Shop in Oregon Hill would make it a lot easier to choose regular cycling as an option for more of my transportation needs.


There are various neighorhood bike shops in Richmond Virginia---otherwise known as RVA---and I probably would look at Bunnyhop Bike Shop as one of my top choices for my next bicycle purchase. Admittedly, I still love road cycling, and there's generally a speed advantage when cycling versus walking.  However, lately I've just been walking more than cycling.


Here's the exterior side wall of Bunnyhop Bike Shop.

Above is an exterior side wall mural at Bunnyhop Bike Shop that helps draw attention to the shop.


Oregon Hill is a Fairly Contained Area and Easily Accessible on a Bicycle


Oregon Hill is a fairly contained area of roughly 84 acres adjacent to VCU, and I think that its geography helps bicycles be one of the top choices for transportation.  There are lots of cars parked on the street in front of homes and townhouses in Oregon Hill, and cycling is advantageous when parking spots are hard to find nearby.  Plus, bicycles can be easily lifted and locked inside one of the many various Oregon Hill homes or at a bike rack somewhere outside.


Also, cycling has obvious health benefits and being able to freely move at quicker pace than walking without ever needed to fill up for gas as required by an internal combustion engine or ICE vehicle is a major advantage to me.  Although electric vehicles are starting to gain more prominence in Richmond Virginia and elsewhere, they still require approximately the same amount of parking space as ICE cars.


Here's a space saving technique of hanging bicycles on a wall that Bunnyhop Bike Shop uses.

Above is a space saving technique of hanging bicycles on a wall that Bunnyhop Bike Shop uses.


Supporting a Local Business that Practices Sustainability is Good


More local businesses in Richmond Virginia and in communities across the United States are practicing sustainability as part of their business.  In short, sustainability means being environmentally friendly to the extent that natural resources are a consideration when lifestyle choices are being made. For example, that could mean choosing to live in an energy efficient home or a home having green features, or it could mean choosing to ride a bicycle a couple days a week to work instead of driving.


Are you living in the Oregon Hill area or elsewhere and thinking about bicycling more often?  Just remember that Bunnyhop Bike Shop definitely offers people residing in Oregon Hill homes more travel options!


Are you looking to buy or sell a home in a neighborhood like Oregon Hill or elsewhere in Richmond Virginia where bicycling is easily accessible?  Call me today, and let's get started on your journey!

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Steve Ewing - Keller Williams Realty
Keller Williams - Stockton, CA

Andrew - Very nice blog.  Bicycle riding is fun and a great way to get out in the fresh air.  Used to have a recumbent bike until...well that is another story.  By the way, does the state of Oregon know some of their hills wandered off?  Just asking.  Thanks again for the blog.

Jun 26, 2014 11:51 AM