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Do you ever feel like there are days when you could take lessons from an EMS operator??

911 Dispatcher

"Hello, Realtor 911". 

"OH my GAWD, the buyer's gonna WALK, what do I DO??"

"Just stay calm, sir, we'll give him a credit at closing".

"Hello, Realtor 911". 

"The buyer's inspection came back with $50,000 in repairs!!!!!!"

"Well, sir, would you like to renegotiate the price? Do you want to do some of the repairs and leave the rest? We have answers, it's okay, we'll get through this."

Could you imagine if you called 911 and they reacted like this:

"You think you're DYING??? Oh, S--T, I don't know what to do!!!!" 


In this business, we're supposed to stay calm, have IMMEDIATE fixes to all problems thrown at us and never let our emotions go sideways. Often we are facing all kinds of "emergencies" in our client's eyes and they are freaking out. It requires so many tactics to stay the course, not get emotionally distraught, quell the craziness of the client, and come up with answers often times with no forewarning.  You have to think on your feet and not take it personally, weighing out all options to solve a dilemma quickly while putting on your Realtor 911 hat and stopping the bleeding until  more support can arrive. 

With the right amount of experience we learn how to talk them down off the ledge, get them to lower their heart rates and essentially calm that fight or flight response with sensibility and the right answers. 

911 operators' jobs aren't easy and neither are ours.  And you know what? It DOES seem like life or death for some!



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Rob, I missed Galye's post.  I will head over now and comment.

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