The Smart Home Experience: Real Estate in a Connected World Part 1

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Our technological powers increase, but the side effects and potential hazards also escalate. - Alvin Toffler


Not too long ago, I would only use the word "smart" to describe people or the decisions they made. Today, "smart" is commonly used to describe electronic devices such as smart phones, smart cars, and smart appliances – All connected and working together so that you may experience the Smart Home.


Within this and my upcoming posts, we will explore how smart technology is helping build the Smart Home experience. As a Realtor, more and more of my clients are selling their homes with the appliances included. Some of the properties I manage are fully furnished, so I know the right appliances can be a deciding factor for potential tenants.


We usually enter the home through the front door, so starting with locking mechanisms seems like a logical choice.


Smart Locks

You arrive at work, barely making in time to get coffee before the meeting. You suddenly get the feeling you may have forgotten to lock your front door. There is not enough time to drive back home, so you pull out your smart phone and log into your smart lock application. As it turns out, you did leave the door unlocked. After checking your streaming security video and quickly reviewing your entry log, you remotely lock the door. Feeling better, you exit the smart lock application and walk toward the meeting room. Your home is more secure now, right?



History has taught us that every advantage contains a disadvantage within itself. Smart locks are not an exception. We should ask ourselves these questions:

  • How secure are smart locks?
  • Are they reliable?
  • What is the price range?
  • Does the convenience compensate for the risks?
  • Will this device increase the attractiveness of my home regarding potential home buyers or renters?


We will delve into the benefits and drawbacks of smart locks while taking a look at some of the players within the growing Smart Home industry. I plan on learning a great deal through research and personal experience. Perhaps the information I share with you can be of assistance when evaluating the smart home technology that fits your needs.


How much have you heard about Smart Homes or Smart Home technology? Are the rewards worth the risks? Please leave your comments below.

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