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Sometimes I get questions about matching stucco color coating with a similar paint color.

Here is California, one of the major producers of color coated stucco is a company called La Habra. That information can come in very handy when trying to exactly match a paint to an existing stucco color.

A few examples of why you would want to do this are:
1. You need to re-paint just one wall, and don't want the paint to conflict with the existing stucco color coat
2. You want to paint over all the stucco with the same color, to seal the walls against moisture penetration
3. You want to paint over all the stucco with the same color, to eliminate permanent staining of the color coat
4. You're anal, and you just don't like to look at water saturated color coated stucco (there i am :)

Here's a few thoughts to consider if you are ever in this position of deciding how to handle this situation:

1. Get the color code directly from the builder (very do-able if the are still building homes in the development, then it becomes nearly impossible).

2. Assume the stucco is manufactured by La Habra (very possible, they are very commonly used out here in California), and see if you can match the color to their color charts
ref: http://www.lahabrastucco.com/color_chips.htm

If you know the year the house was built, you can also probably get color chips for that specific year, in case the color is no longer being produced.

3. Flake off some of the stucco, take it to a paint store, or home improvement store paint department, and computer color match it.

Using options 1 or 2, you would then have the color code, which could probably be used to exactly match a paint to the stucco color.
Using option 3, you would have a paint color that very closely resembles the color of the stucco.

In the end, all three options will provide good results, so in terms of best bang for the buck, i would choose option 2, then option 3, and forget about option 1 (too difficult, and not enough benefit for the work involved).

If you are in it for the long haul, consider using an elastomeric paint (more expensive, but much better coverage, much better at sealing the stucco, and much better at resisting cracks from re-opening in the future).

Best wishes, let me know if i can be of any assistance.

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Regards, Jeff Bond
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Christina ONeal
At Home Real Estate Group - Ripon, CA
Realtor - Ripon California

Hi Jeff,  Great stuff.  I am tucking this information away in my brain that you know how to match stucco.  Funny thing is that I bet someone in the near future will come to me with this question & now I get to sound smart.  Thank you for helping me smarter than the average bear.

Mar 27, 2008 04:12 PM
Heather Darran

Hi there

My husband and I are trying to find out if it is smarter to paint stucco, or to color coat it.  I have heard some pros and cons of both.  There is no paint on the stucco, but we really want to change the color. Please advise



Apr 15, 2009 08:04 AM
Jeff Bond

I would paint my house instead of applying a color coat over the original color coat. A couple things that com to mind:

1. The paint will seal the stucco, providing better protection against moisture & deterioration.

2. Stucco can sometimes delaminate (peel) when applied over older stucco coatings.

3. You will not have to do any trim work around windows, doors, and other framed openings.

4. You can experiment with paint, painting little spots first to see how it will look before committing.

5. Painting is typically cheaper than applying a new color coat.

6. Color coats stain over time with dirt, rain, and look "dirty" or "darkened" after a while.

You should compare prices asw well, but even if they are the exact same price, i would choose the paint option.

One last point, if you eally want to paint your stucco right for years of lasting weather protection, as well as reducing the number of cracks you will see in the stucco, definitely use a special paint called "elastomeric paint" ...you will not be disappointed.

Best wishes on your project.

Regards, Jeff Bond

Apr 15, 2009 08:53 AM

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