Nervous and excited about my rental purchase

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I hate to admit this but with the closing on my new rental home fast approaching on Wednesday, I'm feeling a bit nervous as well as being very excited as well.  This is the first home I've bought that needs some substantial improvements (windows, removal of add-on room) before I can rent it out on August 1.  Now I know how my clients feel when they are embarking on the adventure of home buying!

Overall, I feel very good about the purchase and the prospects of leasing it out at my desired price of $1,150.  When I was setting up the home insurance, the person I was speaking to (an assistant of my agent) he started asking me all these questions about the house:  Is it leased yet?  How much are you asking?  Do you allow dogs?  Curious questions I thought, but then he said that he and his wife were looking to move down from Santa Fe this summer and they were looking for a place.  He asked if he could talk to me 'offline' and that he was very interested. 

Not a bad start at all! 


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